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The Best Workflow Management Software To Boost Your Team’s Efficiency

By 08/10/2018 3 Comments

Workflow management software channels the flow of a project’s work, directing its course from A to Z. A solid workflow tool serves as a guide for the current of project tasks that need to happen along the way, with the project outcomes being fully formed as they flow through different processes, check, and balances.

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Workflow management software adds a layer of structure and visibility to your workflow, helping you turn ideas into products, and concepts into processes. These tools helps you ensure that the project is delivered properly and that the quality of the project is maintained. These tools support you as you schedule tasks, collaborate with others, manage workloads, create and share documentation, and evaluate progress. Today, workflow management software is a must-have for keeping teams unified, especially with the growing complexity and fast pace of our multi-taking, distributed workforce.

Taking advantage of the new capabilities offered by automation and the availability of useful data for decision-making, you can do so much better than a to-do list—you can support your team with an entire ecosystem of business process management tools (BPM tools) for creating efficient, optimized workflows.

The trick is in knowing how to choose best workflow management software for your team, your business goals, and your budget. Here’s a break-down of the best workflow management software along with key criteria to consider in choosing a workflow tool.

What Does A Workflow Management Software Do? (And How It Can Help You)

What Is Workflow Software?

At its core, a workflow management system (WMS) is a set of functions for setting up, doing, and monitoring business tasks.

What Does Workflow Software Do?

Workflow management software goes by many names—you might hear it referred to as including BPM software, or simply process management software. No matter what you call it, all workflow tools offer an interface for visually representing a your workflow and optimizing its many moving parts.

Ways - Workflow Management Software

Freelancers, agencies, enterprises, and everyone in between can benefit from some kind of workflow tool, with the aim of increased productivity, reduced costs, better communication, and a fluid exchange of information within a project. You can use workflow management software for anything from monitoring deadlines at an individual level, to automating recurring tasks on a project level, to evaluating and optimizing projects’ performance on a business level.

Workflow software automates these processes. It contributes to a BPM framework or methodology.

What Is BPM Framework?

A BPM framework (business process management) framework is a process-centric framework that provides definition for and visibility into an organization’s sets of coordinated tasks.

What Is BPM Methodology?

BPM methodology aims to simplify businesses processes from end to end in order to increase productivity and efficiency. BPM methodology includes analyzing business processes, creating new frameworks, and monitoring processes for continuous optimization.

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The Best Workflow Management Software To Boost Your Team’s Efficiency

Featured - Workflow Management SoftwareThe sheer variety of BPM tools is enough to overwhelm you! We examine the following tools:

  1. Flokzu –
  2. DoneDone –
  3. Hive –
  4. inMotionNow –
  5. Kissflow –
  6. Formstack –
  7. Wrike –
  8. Asana –
  9. Monday –
  10. Pipefy –

At the bottom of the post, we include a table summarizing basic info about the tools described in this article as well as an explanation of our selection criteria, so you can understand how we made this list of workflow management software.

The Best Workflow Management Software To Boost Your Team’s Efficiency

flokzu logo - workflow management software

  • 10

  • free 14-day trial
  • from $15/user/month

Flokzu –

Flokzu is a powerful workflow management software tool, made agile & friendly. It allows users to have every form, document or file in one place, search through them, manage pending tasks, define alerts, and integrate with other systems, eliminating the need of complex spreadsheets and endless emails.

Flokzu screenshot - workflow management software

Using BPMN standard and a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can model workflows according to each organization’s reality. Combine tasks, deadlines, time management, business rules, and notifications without writing a single line of code. It even provides a free ready-to-use process library. Users can take a workflow model, adapt it to their needs and start using it within minutes.

Effortlessly gather all teams in one place. Flokzu makes it easy to communicate and collaborate setting permissions and roles for each user.

As a workflow management software tool, Flokzu provides a long-term solution to manage and automate business processes and workflows. Flokzu works side by side with their clients to ensure they are getting the most out of Flokzu in the shortest time possible. This allows Flokzu to understand their clients’ unique needs and requirements, developing a complete BPM tool on the cloud, with a high level of service.

Flokzu provides a variety of Metrics & Reports: Real-time Reports through BAM (Business Activity Monitoring); Historical Reports through BI (Business Intelligence); personalized KPIs through Custom Reports.

In terms of integrations, Flokzu uses REST Web Services and Zapier to integrate with legacy systems and web applications. As for data security, users’ information is encrypted, kept in secure data centers, and backed up in real-time.

Flokzu offers a 14-day free trial of their Premium Plan. Starting price is $15/user/month for the Standard Edition. More information on their plans can be found here and their plans and billing here.

Summary of Flokzu:

  1. Automation: Pass
  2. KPI Reports: Pass
  3. Deadline Tracking: Pass
  4. Integration: Pass
Score: 10
donedone logo - marketing project management software

  • 10

  • 30-day free trial
  • 30% off for 12 months using code earlybird until 07/31
  • Starting at $5/per user/per month ($4/per user/per month for annual plans)

DoneDone –

DoneDone is the simple workflow management app for teams that want to avoid too much complexity and quickly get things done.

Users access a sleek dashboard that displays all projects, tasks, docs, files, statuses and due dates. Manage deadlines and urgency by setting task priority, which ranges from Low to Critical with respective color coordination. You can set up Custom Workflows and Statuses to save you time and energy by automatically generating recurring task workflows.