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The Top 125 Project Management Articles We Published In 2022

No matter where you are in your PM journey, you’ll find something to help you along the way in these project management articles.

Project management is a chaotic endeavor, to say the least, and continuous learning is basically a requirement of its own at this point. You’ve got to continuously try out new techniques and upgrade your project management skills to keep completing successful projects. 

This year, the expert team at The Digital Project Manager has produced dozens of articles on project management, from comprehensive how-to guides to opinion pieces showing what daily life as a digital project manager is like. 

Here it is: our best digital project management articles from 2022!

Articles About Managing And Controlling Projects

We published several articles this year covering how project managers control and manage projects and tasks, conduct project risk management and project planning, navigate project management in relation to org culture and other departments, and work with clients and internal stakeholders.

Project Management Methodologies Articles

The agile project management and Scrum world, along with the number of new and improved agile methodologies, is ever-growing. Even so, the traditional waterfall methodology keeps on trucking, alongside overlooked strategies that can be useful for certain aspects of PM, like mind mapping.

Digital Project Management Career Articles

These articles focus on project management careers, and PM careers in digital in particular. They offer updated perspectives on the PM career path and where PMs can go beyond the senior or PMO level of project management. You’ll also find resources for keeping up with the changing world of project management, a critical career move.

Enterprise Project Management Articles

Tackling project management at the enterprise level? It’s no small feat. These might help! We’ve covered managing portfolios at the enterprise level, enterprise PMOs, enterprise methodologies, and more.

Resource Management Articles

We wrote a lot about resource management this year. Makes sense, given its importance and prominence within the mind of project managers both junior and senior. In these articles, there’s tips for using your PM software for resource management, templates and examples, and detailed processes you can import into your work right away.

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Project Management Workflow Articles

Building and improving workflows and processes (or even just understanding how they work) are an important part of being a project manager. Whether you’re designing processes for your team members and need a place to start, or struggling to follow someone else’s, start building your foundational knowledge here.

Digital Project Management Tools

In 2022, we evaluated dozens of project management software tools and summarized the information in our reviews. Find descriptions of their features, main pros and cons, pricing, and what to consider when choosing different types of PM software for your projects, whether you’re at a startup or an enterprise organization.

If you’re new to project management tools:

First have a look at our comparison of the top software for project management. Then, check out our review of popular resource management tools that you can use to allocate resources (staff, rooms, equipment), map out your dependencies, and monitor for changes over time. We’ve also got a well-researched list of Microsoft Project alternatives, and a summary of project scheduling software tools.

Beyond general PM software, we’ve also got some helpful reviews of other types of tools that we published in 2022, such as project task management software, free mind mapping software, project roadmap software, and others listed below. We also published a mega-list covering tons more software than we usually do in our regular lists. 

Workflow Tools

Workflow management has been on the rise, and is becoming a critical responsibility for project managers. Project managers, project teams, and other stakeholders rely heavily on these tools for effective project management and for ensuring work gets done efficiently and with all the critical steps completed.

This includes:

Tools For Enterprise Project Management

There are lots of project management tools out there intended for large organizations and enterprises—if you’re working for (or running!) an enterprise, check out the following.

Resource Management Tools

Every project manager needs tools to assist with resource management, planning, and scheduling throughout projects. We covered a variety of tools that serve these purposes.

Specialized Project Management Software

Sometimes a general project management software won’t cut it. If you need something more specific to your business, industry, or projects (such as IT projects, creative projects, software development projects, marketing projects, or other), try these articles. (Or, maybe you just need a tool that can view Microsoft Project files?)

Tips For Using Your Fave Software

Get insights from our experts on using the most popular project management software. These are expert-certified hacks and tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

Digital Project Management Videos

We also published a variety of videos and videocasts in 2020.

DPM Podcasts

In 2022, we had several different project management experts weighing in on the trickier points of managing digital projects. Here’s a list of project management podcast episodes you can browse to answer some of your harder questions and get a better idea of how PM theory can be applied to real projects. 

Our Top 5 Most Popular Podcasts

Here’s a list of our most popular PM podcasts from 2022 to help you narrow down the choices—if you’ve only got a few hours, make sure you give these DPM favorites a listen:

More DPM Podcasts

From work breakdown structures to managing project scope creep and leading projects, our DPM experts provide insights on a wide range of interesting digital project management topics.

You’ll also find episodes covering new initiatives and horizons in project management (like AI), decision-making for choosing software tools and getting involved in strategy, profitability conversations in terms of sales and business development, and more.

For DPM Members: More Digital Project Management Resources

Throughout the year, we created a variety of project management resources for members of our digital project management community. While the below resources are only available to our members, we covered a variety of topics that are relevant to all project managers. 

If you’re considering joining our membership program, consider this a little sneak preview of the types of content you’ll get. Membership also includes access to our exclusive Slack group; live mentorship opportunities; project management templates, examples, and samples; and more, plus the resources listed below. 

Workshops And Mini Courses

AMAs & Live Mentorship

Panels & Lightning Talks

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Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

Well, we aren’t the only ones writing about project management. Here’s a gem from HBR on agile and psychological safety. It's also worth checking out these project management influencers, who are valuable resources when it comes to learning more about the space.

Have a digital project management question you’d like answered? Or maybe you know someone with valuable insight on project management trends to share with the digital project management community? Weigh in and comment with the questions, topics, trends, and people you’d like to know more about. We’ve got good things coming to you in 2023!

By Nuala Turner

Nuala is the Editor of The Digital Project Manager. Her background is in content strategy, content production, and managing projects. She brings a strong editorial eye and a passion for connecting with experts in the field and teasing out their stories, as well as ensuring digital project managers are winning at work and smashing projects out of the park.

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