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Discover The Best Advertising Agency Software of 2019

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This will help you quickly compare and evaluate the best ad agency management software and other media planning software.

I’ll recommend some top creative agency project management software to consider for your company’s needs. I will also explain how different advertising project management software can help you automate some administrative tasks in order to increase productivity. You’ll find evaluation criteria for the best agency management system; along with easy-to-digest summaries to help you with your comparison.

Quickly Compare & Evaluate The 10 Best Marketing Agency Software

Best Advertising Agency Software

Advertising firms have a lot on their plate. From art directing to accounting, they are responsible for all aspects of the advertising and marketing plan. No wonder many digital ad agency companies are looking for media planning software to help ease the weight on their shoulders.

Often times, agencies get caught up in familiar problems, like too much reporting with not enough optimising. Or rebuilding credibility and fighting for space in a hyper-competitive market. Marketing agency software can help get your ducks in a row.

Without further delay, here is some of the best ad agency software on the market right now.

The Best Ad Agency Software List

Here are our top ad agency software choices:

  1. Oracle Netsuite
  2. Wrike
  3. Clarizen
  4. FunctionPoint
  5. LiquidPlanner
  6. Workfront
  7. Mavenlink
  8. Workamajig
  9. Vogsy
  10. Admation

Advertising Agency Software FAQ

What does advertising agency software do?

Depending on the type and brand of software, advertising agency software can do many things: project management, resource allocation, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and billing software, digital marketing tools, reporting software, and more.

Why use software to manage an agency?

Ad agencies have a lot of moving parts, a lot of clients and customers and a lot of internal needs. Therefore, using software will decrease the administrative burden on employees while increasing levels of organization, productivity and efficiency.

What types of tools do ad agencies typically use?

Ad agencies may need software for project management, resource allocation, CRM for advertising agencies, accounting and billing software, digital marketing software, and more. You will find that many ad agencies use software that covers two or more of these needs, like Oracle Netsuite, Wrike and Clarizen.

Looking for a different sort of software for your advertisement agency? Check out our other resources for top software to manage teams, resources, and projects:

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  2. Some teams forgo a robust planning stage because of hubris. But everything good project can benefit from come collaborative mind mapping to sync up the team.
  3. Find your team taking on too much? You might benefit from capacity planning tools to navigate tough workloads.

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Advertising Agency Management Software Comparison Criteria

What do we look for in marketing agency management software? The guidelines below will help you understand parts of our process.

  1. User Interface (UI): How well-designed is it? Does it offer clear displays and intuitive navigation? Multi-user interface: Enable numerous users on the same system.
  2. Usability: Is this easy to learn and master? Are there tutorials and training? Does the company offer good tech and user support? Provide different logins for each user. Personalize the permissions and available functionality for different groups of users.
  3. Features & Functionality: How many of the key media planning software features and functions does it provide, and how powerful are they? Specifically, I looked for:
    1. Project management: This includes task management both for your team and for client-facing tasks, project dashboards for quickly tracking progress, and easy file sharing and collaboration. It can also include time tracking (although some tools achieve this through a third-party integration).
    2. Resource management: Should enable you to easily search for resources and skills in order to assign them to allocate them to tasks and projects. Includes scheduling features that let you set milestones, deadlines, and dependencies between tasks.
    3. Client & prospect management: Includes communication, outreach, and reporting tools that let you manage your agency’s prospecting and clients. This may include a client portal as well as the ability to easily take snapshots of project data like time and expenses in order to deliver client reports.
    4. Finance management: Advertising agency billing software should capitalize on all your project and resource data to offer accurate forecasting and estimation. Can also include invoice and billing features to streamline your flow from first pitch to final invoice. In some cases, a module for managing media and procurement is useful, helping to manage things like purchase and insertion orders.
    5. Reporting: Do the media planning softwares have adequate reporting systems regarding time logging, finances, resource management and other options? Is data collection and organization easy and helpful?
  4. Integrations: Is it easy to connect with other tools? Any pre-built integrations?
  5. Value for $: How appropriate is the price for its features, capabilities, and use case? Is pricing clear, transparent and flexible?

1. Oracle Netsuite – Unified business management suite with ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for 16K+ customers.

Netsuite includes features such as advertising agency accounting software, human capital management, analytics and more. A one-time cost of $999 will get you a general licence plus an additional $99 per user per month

2. Wrike – Cloud-based collaboration and project management software that’s easy to scale.

Wrike’s features include a robust real-time reporting suite to see the status for all of your team’s projects; support, manage and track workflow items easily. Wrike boats specialized tools for marketing and creative teams, too, which could be just what you need to get started. Free for teams of 5 users or less and paid plans start at $9.80 per user per month.

3. Clarizen – Fully-featured, enterprise-grade software to manage your entire agency process with portfolio, resource, and workflow tools.

Clarizen is a collaborative work management system that offers everything from resource management, PPM, communication software, time management, task assignment and auditing, project tracking and more. They offer live demos of the software if you want to dip your toes in. Starts at $45 per user, per month and offers more expansive plans for those that need more functionality.

4. FunctionPoint – Agency management software designed specifically for creative teams.

FunctionPoint covers all aspects of PPM for ad agencies, including entering and sharing client information between team members; expense and time tracking; invoicing and billing options; collaboration tools; briefs and proposal templates; reports business intelligence and forecasting; and many other resources. It costs $49 per user per month for up to 9 users with plan options scaling up from there.

5. LiquidPlanner – Project management software packed with resource-driven and smart scheduling technology.

LiquidPlanner’s “smart scheduling” tools allows for real-time updates as your project changes scope. With cross-project visibility, data and statuses are easily accessible to give a snapshot of a project’s current state. 14-day free trial available; then $45 per user per month.

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