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Microsoft Project Viewer for Cost-Savvy Project Managers

Before you start looking for a Microsoft Project Alternative, did you know there’s actually a way to open and read Microsoft Project .mpp files without even having MS Project installed on your computer?

Microsoft Project Viewer is a great tool that lets you read all the details of Microsoft Project plans without web access or Microsoft Project itself.

The Seavus Project Viewer is a standalone application and comprehensive viewer for reading native .mpp files of any Microsoft Project version. It changed the way project managers access and deliver .mpp project plans to their teams, and is used by globally recognized organizations such as BMW, RailCorp, SAP, Michelin, Tesla, Marks & Spencer, Airbus and others.

But why do you need this new addition to your project toolkit?

The answer to this question is usually associated with the cost-effectiveness of a project viewer over Microsoft Project.

While project managers and schedulers create plans in Microsoft Project, other members in the team don’t need to edit project plans, only to open and view them.

Seavus Microsoft Project Viewer - multiple timeline view

Seavus Project Viewer – multiple timeline view

Seavus Project Viewer is specifically developed for the type of users that only need to read .mpp files. And as it costs much less than a standard MS Project license, your IT manager will love you for saving on Microsoft Project licensing fees.

The interface looks pretty similar to the one of Microsoft Project, so learning to work with the project plans shouldn’t take much of your time. The familiar layout supports 100% of the views available in MS Project.

A Microsoft Project Viewer With Collaboration Facilities

The latest release of the software is smoothly integrated with Skype for Business, which adds some great collaboration power to the viewer.

Some of the most important features with the Skype for Business integration are:

  • View Presence Status of team member.
  • View contact card of team members.
  • Start Instant Messaging (IM) with any team member.

With these features, project stakeholders can view the online status of other team members, and collaborate with them in real time, share information, or find and implement faster solutions for the project issues, thus reducing project delays, avoid miscommunication, failures and project risk overall.

Seavus Microsoft Project Viewer - skype for business

Seavus Project Viewer – Skype for Business integration

Store And Share MPP Files

One of the most powerful component of this viewer for Microsoft Project plans is that it enables users to view and print project plans published on Microsoft Project Server and Google Drive.

Allowing project managers to upload, synchronize and share their files to cloud storage will enforce better control and file management.

Seavus Microsoft Project Viewer - spv storage

Seavus Project Viewer – spv storage

The complete integration with cloud storage services enables users to manage plans directly from the cloud services and always have the latest and updated version of the plan they’re working on, increasing your team’s collaboration to a whole new level.

Increased Productivity

Often, when introducing new tools in an organization, we need to calculate the time for training and learning.

However, that’s not the case with Seavus Project Viewer. With the familar look and feel as Microsoft Project, users don’t need to spend extensive time on learning the software and its functions.

They will feel as familiar with the software as working in Microsoft Project.

Seavus Project Viewer Works Seamlessly Across iOS, Windows and Android

Seavus Project Viewer is a cross-platform application that can run smoothly on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, Windows Vista Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, and iPad. What’s more, they recently launched a new online mpp viewer so you can check out project plans while you’re on the move.

The software is often regarded as an alternative to Microsoft Project just because it is supported on Mac, but in fact it’s an independent Microsoft Project Viewer with support for Mac OS X.

You don’t need to worry if different people in your teamwork on different operating systems because Seavus Project Viewer covers them all.

Localization Is Always A Good Option

There is no project viewer out here that’s been translated into so many languages. The Project Viewer is available in 11 languages including Italian, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese Simplified, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Czech.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to this powerful Microsoft Project Viewer, you have an affordable, user-friendly, and comprehensive alternative to Microsoft Project.

If you want a tool that you can use to open and read native MPP files, you’re very well advised to get the most complete viewer for mpp – Seavus Project Viewer.

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