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As a project manager and software researcher, I'm always on the lookout for tools and features that can help save time. One such feature is Hive's integrated email inbox. From streamlining your communication, to enhancing collaboration, to enabling you to stay better connected throughout your project—this is a standout capability that can significantly impact your workflows.

For this article, we reached out to Mary Elliot, a member of The DPM Community, to help us dive into the ins and outs of this feature. Mary is a Digital Project Manager at Yes & Agency and an experienced Hive user. Whether you're already a Hive user or are still trying to figure out which project management software is right for you, you'll come away with a clear understanding of how Hive's integrated email inbox can reshape the way you and your team approach your projects.

What is Hive?

Hive is a project management software designed to facilitate team collaboration and project organization across various industries. It is commonly used by professionals in marketing, operations, software development, and project management. Typical use cases include task management, resource planning, and project tracking. Some of Hive’s key features include workflow automation, interactive dashboards, time-tracking tools, flexible project views, and integrated communication tools, including an integrated email inbox. 

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Deep Dive into Hive’s Integrated Email Inbox

Hive’s integrated email inbox helps to seamlessly integrate email interactions into project workflows, centralizing all project-related communications and allowing users to access and respond to emails without ever leaving Hive. 

You just turn it on and it creates a sidebar you can hide or expose—but the best part of the feature is that you can turn any email into a task with all attachments and conversation history attached.

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Mary’s Insights

How Hive’s Integrated Email Inbox Can Change How You Work

Hive’s integrated email inbox can dramatically streamline your daily routines. Think about all the time you spend toggling between your email and your PM software to ensure that all communications are aligned with your projects. This feature allows you to view everything in one place, so you can oversee your projects and related communications much more efficiently. 

For example, you can easily stay up-to-date with various project stakeholders and with your team without pausing your work by quickly glancing at emails and tasks in Hive's integrated interface. You can also respond to questions and concerns quickly, without losing focus on what you were working on before, and you can quickly create new tasks and update old ones as new information comes in. Whether you’re a natural multitasker or not, this feature can definitely help you to more effectively do two things at once, as is often required while managing a big project

It saved me from having to cut/paste context from original emails into a task. Teams were able to recognize which conversations we were translating into action items and everything was included in one spot. It helped so much with people who had bad habits of not adding everything to an action item/task once the client sent over art, references, etc.

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Mary’s Insights

How Hive’s Integrated Email Inbox Compares to Other Software 

When compared to other project management tools like Asana or, which require integrations or add-ons to manage emails, Hive’s integrated email inbox is built in. Asana and both support email integrations, but these often come as separate plugins or require additional steps to sync effectively. Hive’s built-in feature is super user-friendly, and promotes a smoother transition between communication and task management. 

I actually love ClickUp as an all-around PM tool, but this email feature in Hive was so much better than ClickUp‘s email situation. Hive’s looks exactly like your inbox (we were using Outlook, but I’ve tested it in Gmail, too) and when replies come in, you still see them in the inbox but with the Hive Task. This is amazing compared to ClickUp’s inbox, which just came back into the task and you have to make sure you were reviewing all tasks to get email updates.

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Mary’s Insights

Why You'll Love Hive’s Integrated Email Inbox 

Hive’s integrated email inbox can help you to both manage your time more effectively and coordinate more clearly with your entire team. Whether you’re managing small projects or organizing a large-scale operation, this feature can help simplify communication and ensure that you and your team members can easily stay connected with each other and with the project as a whole.

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Hermann Fink
By Hermann Fink

Hermann Fink is a technology enthusiast and the co-founder of Rünna Advertising, a multinational digital agency that has been active for over a decade and served clients like Ford, AstraZeneca, Disney, and Didi. In addition to being a business owner, Hermann gathered corporate experience in project management during his time at Hewlett Packard in the mid-2010s.