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Smartsheet and Hive are two of the most recognizable names in project and resource management software, and deciding which one is a better fit for your needs can be challenging. Although these two project management software share some key similarities, there are also distinct differences between them. In this article, I’ll share with you crucial information about the similarities and differences between the two and how they can help increase the productivity of your business.

My goal is to provide you with everything you need to know to decide which between Smartsheet and Hive is the ideal project management tool for your company.

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Smartsheet vs Hive Comparison in an Honest Review Featured Image

Expert Summary: Smartsheet vs Hive

Smartsheet and Hive are resource management software that can help users automate work and increase productivity. They each have features for project management, task management, file sharing, and time tracking to increase operational efficiency. Both programs can integrate third-party applications so users can connect to programs integral to their business. Both Smartsheet and Hive have mobile app counterparts allowing users to use the program while working remotely.

Smartsheet would be best for larger companies with an industry-specific niche (healthcare & life sciences, higher education, IT & OPS, financial services, federal government, etc.) because of their hugely customizable platform and unique service add-ons.

Hive would be best for smaller, more forced teams who want to focus on ease-of-use and communication/collaboration above all else. Hive also has a free plan for 2 users, making it great for freelancers, NGOs, and small teams.

Side by Side Comparison Of Smartsheet and Hive

Smartsheet Review Screenshot 10
Track key performance metrics (KPIs) in dashboards and display data in tables and graphs. Easily adapt every dashboard to show live data and charts.

Smartsheet is an online project management tool that allows users to assign tasks, track project progress, and manage calendars to increase workplace productivity. Not only do they have a basic project management suite, they also offer add-ons for digital asset management (Brandfolder) and skills-based resource management (10,000ft by Smartsheet). This makes it easy to design a Smartsheet native suite of tools to satisfy any niche service provider’s requirements.

Smartsheet doesn’t have a free plan.


From $7/user/month (billed annually)


Freemium version available

Hive Real-Time Communication Screenshot
Bundle all of your chat apps under one roof using direct messaging integrations.

Hive is a collaboration and project management tool that can help users manage resources, automate tasks, and improve workflow. Users can access both paid and free add-ons for things like calendar scheduling, timesheets, and time tracking. Hive also integrates with third-party apps like Basecamp, Jira, Trello, OneDrive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Slack, Asana, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Workspace. Hive has a built-in messenger that replaces the need for external chat apps like Slack or Google Hangouts; plus, you can drag-and-drop DMs right into your task list to create a new action item.

Hive has a free plan for up to 2 users and limited features, like no in-app messaging or Hive Mail email integrations.


From $3/user/month (billed annually)


Free demo + free plan available

Smartsheet Vs Hive Feature Comparison

Smartsheet vs Hive Comparison Criteria

How did I come up with this detailed comparison between Smartsheet and Hive? Here are the criteria I used to create this article.

  • Feature list

    What do you get, and what do you not get?
  • Use cases

    What are the most effective use cases for this feature set?
  • Ease of use

    Is it easy to learn and master?
  • Integrations

    Is it easy to connect with other tools?
  • Customer support

    Can you get help easily and quickly?
  • Price

    How appropriate is the price for the tool?

Differences Between Smartsheet and Hive

Smartsheet has a generous 30-day trial period giving users more time to study the program before deciding whether to get a paid subscription or not. Hive’s free trial for its paid plans is only 14-days long.

Smartsheet has a dedicated healthcare services module for clinical trial protocol, regulatory and compliance management, and even insurance claims approval. Hive does not.

Smartsheet is available in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Italian, increasing usability and access for more users.

Smartsheet lets users customize notification settings to prioritize which alerts they want to receive for better work management.

Smartsheet boasts many customizable solutions for dedicated industry niches, like healthcare & life sciences, higher education, financial services, and federal government.


From $7/user/month (billed annually)


Freemium version available

Hive has a native messaging functionality that reinforces collaboration between team members. Smartsheet only allows users to post comments within a task.

Hive users can use Hive Notes as a template during meetings and planning sessions. Hive Notes allows users to convert notes into action items easily integrated into tasks or projects. This feature is not available in Smartsheet.

Hive users can turn on Focus Mode that blocks notifications and messages if they need to concentrate on a crucial task or meet a deadline. Smartsheet doesn’t have this functionality.

Hive provides phone support to all users to receive assistance if they encounter issues with the program. With Smartsheet, phone support is only included in enterprise plans and as an add-on to business plans.

Hive has Zapier integrated into the program allowing users to connect hundreds of apps to the program to boost productivity, whereas Smartsheet uses a native feature called WorkApps.


From $3/user/month (billed annually)


Free demo + free plan available

Similarities Between Smartsheet vs Hive

  • Smartsheet and Hive have mobile apps that work on iPhone and Android devices, so users can access the program even if they are not on their workstations.
  • Smartsheet and Hive use Gantt charts and Kanban boards to help users visually assess and track project progress to concentrate on areas that need reinforcement.
  • Smartsheet and Hive allow integration of third-party programs and apps so users can install programs that they need to support operational needs.
  • Smartsheet and Hive have customizable templates that users can tailor according to the requirements of specific tasks or projects.
  • Smartsheet and Hive have business process automation capabilities to streamline workflow by automating repetitive and straightforward tasks.
  • Smartsheet and Hive use Gantt charts and Kanban boards as visual guides to provide users with an easy-to-understand way of tracking project progress.
  • Smartsheet and Hive have KPI monitoring capabilities so users can measure performance in real-time. This can help the management gain insight on the areas of opportunities they need to improve on.
  • Smartsheet and Hive support the use of widgets so users can quickly access often-used functions on the homepage without opening an app or program.
  • Smartsheet and Hive have a comprehensive knowledge base with demos, videos, and articles that can guide users on properly using the software.
  • Smartsheet and Hive support calendar management enabling users to sync their calendars to tasks and notes for better schedule and task management.

Best Use Cases for Smartsheet vs Hive

  • Project Management

    Use Smartsheet to plan, track, schedule, and report on your project from conception to completion.
  • IT & OPs

    Use Smartsheet to organize request tickets, manage resources, track issues, and prioritize your backlog.
  • Marketing

    Use Smartsheet to communicate cross-departmental needs, unify brand standards, and approve visuals.
  • Construction

    Use Smartsheet to visualize schedules, plot milestones, communicate deadlines, and navigate task dependencies.
  • Content Management

    Use Smartsheet to streamline content management and save time by automating internal and client-facing processes.
  • Healthcare

    Use Smartsheet for workforce planning in a manner consistent with HIPAA, GxP, CCPA, and GDPR requirements.
  • Financial Management

    Use Smartsheet to automate audit processes, track strategic initiatives, and manage your project portfolio.
  • Sales Teams

    Use Smartsheet to build customize sales-oriented dashboards that track financials, goals, and initiatives.
  • Remote work

    Use Hive to stay productive and collaborate with your team no matter where you are.
  • Creative agencies

    Use Hive to prep project pitches, approve assets and make it easier to communicate with clients.
  • Marketing

    Use Hive to manage projects and assign tasks associated with creative and technical marketing campaigns.
  • Operations management

    Use Hive to collect information, build resource management templates, and automate workflow processes.
  • Startup companies

    Use Hive to organize new projects, navigate your backlog, and easily scale once the company starts growing.
  • Nonprofits

    Nonprofits and NGOs can contact Hive for pricing discounts that better suit limited budgets.

Smartsheet vs Hive Pricing Comparison

This side-by-side price comparison shows Smartsheet’s price compared to Hive.

Smartsheet Pricing

Smartsheet Pricing Screenshot
Screenshot of Smartsheet pricing from their landing page.

Hive Pricing

Hive Pricing Screenshot
Screenshot of Hive pricing from their landing page.

Alternatives to Smartsheet and Hive

Other Smartsheet and Hive Software Comparisons

If you’re still looking at the options for professional services automation software, check out our comparison with other tools.


Smartsheet and Hive are both flexible and scalable project management and resource scheduling tools that can satisfy a variety of use cases. Smartsheet is better for niche industry services, as it excels in no-code customizable solutions and a variety of data governance and security coverage. Hive is better for smaller teams with simpler projects, as it’s a bit of a jack-of-all-trades tool with robust in-built communication features for fast moving companies. Which one will you choose? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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