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Have you ever put together a project plan, started assigning team members to deliverables, and wished you had a resource allocation spreadsheet example or template in Excel (or Google Sheets) to share with stakeholders at a glance? I hear you. Project resource management probably deserves a more elegant template than the back of the napkin that came with your morning coffee.

In this article, I’ll define resource allocation, share a project resource planning template that you can download in Microsoft Excel and customize, and then top it off with a resource management template example to get your project management juices flowing 😎. You’ll be an expert resource planner in no time.

What Is Resource Allocation?

Resource allocation is a step in the project resource management process, or the activities required to plan for, assemble, and develop your project team.

Specifically, resource allocation involves:

  • Determining what skillsets are required to complete project tasks for different projects
  • Estimating the number of hours these tasks will take
  • Performing resource capacity planning, or determining who will work on what based on forecasted availability and your project roadmap.

If you need a refresher on the fundamentals, consult The DPM’s guide to resource allocation methods. If you understand the basics but wish you had a resource planning tool or an Excel spreadsheet to make this exercise easier, read on!

Resource Allocation Spreadsheet Template

If you’re hungry for the free download of our resource allocation template in Google Sheets (that you can also use in Excel), look no further. We’ve also included an example Google Sheets project so you can get a feel for the finished product.

(You'll need to select "Make A Copy" for each of these before you can download them).

resource allocation spreadsheet example template screenshot
My project resource allocation spreadsheet template, downloadable here. To use, simply make a copy in Google Sheets.
resource allocation spreadsheet example screenshot
An example resource allocation spreadsheet, using my template. View the full example here.

How To Use The Resource Allocation Spreadsheet Template

Consider these tips when using the resource management Google Sheets template:

  • Formatting: cells shaded in yellow (e.g., project start date) require your input; cells shaded in gray auto-calculate based on the information you enter
  • To add team resources to the resource plan, insert additional rows above the subtotal rows
  • Use the assumptions column to track whether human resources are full-time
  • The resource plan sets contingency at 10%. Adjust the formula if you’d like to use a different percentage
  • Use the template’s “Remaining Budget” counter to track project budget.

Jump Into Resource Planning

Looking for more free resource planning templates? Check out my blog and newsletter, or subscribe to the Digital Project Manager newsletter for additional project management templates.

Find out how to master resource allocation here.

Resource management software should include modules for resource allocation and planning. Find the right option for your needs below:

Sarah M. Hoban
By Sarah M. Hoban

Sarah is a project manager and strategy consultant with 15 years of experience leading cross-functional teams to execute complex multi-million dollar projects. She excels at diagnosing, prioritizing, and solving organizational challenges and cultivating strong relationships to improve how teams do business. Sarah is passionate about productivity, leadership, building community, and her home state of New Jersey.