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How To Give Feedback In Areas Outside Your Discipline

By 28/05/2019 May 31st, 2019 No Comments

In this article, I show you how to give feedback that’s effective and useful to the subject matter experts on your team, even if you don’t have domain expertise.

Think back to your first days as a project manager. You probably walked into your new office, wide-eyed and nervous, knowing you were about to take on a job with a lot of responsibility. Hopefully you were a bit excited, too.

Very early on, you may have discovered one of the central pillars to being an effective PM is mastering c...

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Ryan Schaefer

Ryan Schaefer

Ryan is a project manager at Viget, a digital agency headquartered in the DC metro area specializing in software, web, and native design and development. He previously worked in public relations, and has a background in front-end development. He has a variety of high-profile brands under his belt, including Dole Foods, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney. You can connect with him at