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Expert Series: Inheriting And Growing A PMO

Thursday, March 24th

The DPM Expert Series – Panel Discussion: Building, Growing and Working Within a PMOJoin our panel discussion to hear stories, opinions and strategies for being a PM within a PMO, a PM who wants to run their own, or a PMO lead who is looking to scale.

  • How can I best contribute to my PMO goals, growth and strategy as a PM?
  • What does my path look like from PM to PMO leadership?
  • How can I best manage as I transition to managing a new PMO?

The DPM was joined along with our amazing panel of experts:

  • Pam Butkowski, VP Delivery, Hero Digital
  • Kamal Syan, COO, Thrillworks
  • Nadia DiLorenzo, VP Digital Production, The Bio Agency

Thank you for taking part in the discussion!


Pam Butkowski
Vice President, Delivery Management at Hero Digital

Pam is the VP of Delivery Management at Hero Digital. She’s spent the majority of her career in client-facing organizations leading digital project management teams at organizations including The Nerdery, Wunderman Thompson, and AIM Consulting. Pam is a self-proclaimed “process junkie” and loves solving problems through process. She’s particularly passionate about building strong PM teams and answering the age-old question about how to deliver agile projects in a client service organization.

Kamal Syan
Chief Operating Officer at Thrillworks

Kamal has been in leadership roles in digital agencies like Critical Mass, Klick Health, Normative and Rangle for the past 20 years. He is a veteran of the marketing industry with a client list that includes Mercedes Benz, Rolex, Citigroup, Nissan, Infiniti Global, Valvoline, Michelin, FOX News, Rogers, Salix Pharmaceuticals, Baxter International, and Roche.

Nadia DiLorenzo
Vice President, Digital Production

I started working in communications in 2003, my career focus resides in planning, building and executing service design initiatives, strategy and campaigns for clients in various industries. I have a keen interest in analyzing and assessing how the digital and traditional spaces change daily, and how to implement best practices along the way. I thrive when team building, mentoring and implementing process and project rigor.

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