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What Is Your Favourite Part Of Being A Project Manager?

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Project management comes with a lot of stress. There’s resource conflicts to straighten out, stakeholders to manage (and say no to), and never ending risks to plan for, not to mention a whole host of other project management challenges that project managers run into everyday.

But project managers wouldn’t be in this profession if they didn’t enjoy the responsibilities and tasks that come with it. I wanted to know exactly what it is that project managers love about their jobs — their favourite part of being a project manager.

So, I asked the members of our digital project management community. I got a few responses, which I thought would be worth sharing with the larger community. Check out the responses and see where you fit in with the rest of our DPM community.

So, What Are Project Managers’ Favourite Parts Of The Role?

The responses that we received to this question in our member’s forum all had one thing in common — project managers love making projects happen and getting work done. There was also acknowledgment of the team’s role in this.

This is summed up in the response of our own Ben Aston: “I love making stuff happen. Seeing, and enabling an idea to turn into a ‘thing’ that’s living and breathing on the interwebs is incredibly satisfying.”

Ben Aston Favorite Part Of Being DPM Quote

Mackenzie Dysart echoed this sentiment: “I love having something go into production and into the wild. There’s something really enjoyable about having a tangible project that was completed.” She also mentioned that in previous roles, she often felt like she “had nothing to show for [her] day’s work.”

Mackenzie Dysart Favorite Part of Being DPM Quote

For Emily Luijbregts, her favourite part is the teamwork. “I really enjoy seeing a team work together and know that it’s because of me that it’s working out,” she says. Mackenzie mentioned the project team as well: “I also love when my team thanks me for helping them out.”

Emily Luijbregts Favorite Part of Being DPM Quote

What Do You Think?

What’s your favourite part of being a project manager? Have your say in the original forum thread here. Get access to the forum and other threads covering a variety of topics and project management challenges through DPM membership.

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