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Master Cross-Functional Team Cohesion

Get your cross-functional team collaborating with clarity, empathy, and an understanding of the bigger picture.

Leading A Team Doesn’t Have To Feel Like Herding Cats.

In order to deliver high-quality digital products in an organized way, cross-functional teams need more than just skills — they need cohesion.

In this lesson, we’ll explore strategies and example techniques you can use to improve team performance at any stage in your project.


Meet Your Instructor

Galen Low, Co-Founder of The Digital Project Manager

I’m Galen, and I tend to nerd out about digital project management. For over 13 years, I’ve worked at boutique agencies and large consultancies to help shape and deliver multi-million dollar, human-centered digital transformation initiatives in government, healthcare, transit, and retail.

Team Cohesion Is Essential For High Performance

Until your team has an understanding of how all the puzzle pieces fit, clarity on how work should get done, and a vision for what success means to the team, you’re just asking individuals to execute random tasks.

Think about that for a bit.

"Galen's workshop is full of valuable insight and practical resources for cross-functional teams."

Brian Kessman
Founder of Lodestar Agency Consulting

Master Cross-Functional Team Cohesion

DPM Expert Galen Low shares his approach to building team cohesion in a way that removes the friction from collaboration, reduces project ambiguity, and creates organic opportunities for cross-training so that your team can deliver on a unified product vision… and enjoy some personal growth in the process!

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Master Cross Functional Team Cohesion
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