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How To Deliver More Value As A Digital PM

Make a bigger business impact and get the respect you deserve as a digital project manager.

Stop Being Undervalued.
Start Being Understood.

The perception of a digital project manager’s value ranges wildly: sometimes we are dismissed by clients and team members as “overhead” and “dead weight”. Other times we’re regarded as superheroes and praised as indispensable servant-leaders.

As digital project managers, we need to focus and translate our value so our value can be better understood by the people we work with.


Meet Your Instructor

Galen Low, Co-Founder of The Digital Project Manager

I’m Galen, and I tend to nerd out about digital project management. For over 13 years, I’ve worked at boutique agencies and large consultancies to help shape and deliver multi-million dollar, human-centered digital transformation initiatives in government, healthcare, transit, and retail.

Do More Of What You Do Best.

As a digital project manager, you are a leader and deliverer of business impact. Stop getting bogged down by the administrative side of the role and start embracing your ethos as one of the key specialists instrumental in your projects’ success.

How To Deliver More Value As A Digital PM

In this workshop, DPM Expert Galen Low teaches his approach to translating, demonstrating, and showcasing your true value as a digital PM so that the role you play is not just acknowledged, but is seen as instrumental to the project’s success.

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How To Deliver More Value As A Digital PM
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