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DPM Membership Landing Page Q4 Update_v


You’ve found your people.

We’re so glad you’re here!

Here’s what to do next

I’ll be 100% honest. DPM Membership is awesome. There is a lot that you can now access and accomplish thanks to this membership. But we don’t want to overwhelm you with info so let’s start small and we’ll work our way up.

1. Customize your experience.

The first place to start is by giving us some insight into why you signed up and what you’re hoping to get out of this membership. That way we can help tailor your experience and make sure that you are able to unlock the true value of DPM Membership! Shape Your Experience

2. Keep an eye on your inbox.

Not only will you be getting some really fun, really exciting emails from us, but that’s where you’ll also find your Slack invite link (it should arrive within 48 hours).

3. Get to know Membership

Michael’s put together a quick overview of everything that we’ll be introducing you to over the next few weeks, you can follow along with him here.