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User Story Mapping For Project Managers

We’ll start by talking about what user stories are and what sets a great user story apart. Then you’ll find examples of ways that we, as project managers, can be involved in user stories—and why you really should be!

Learn what you and your teams have to gain by breaking down the silo around user stories to map out user stories that ultimately deliver value not only to users, but to your clients and organizations as well. Your host is DPM Expert Tucker Sauer-Pivonka, Director of Product Management who has led enterprise projects with the like of H&R Block, Sprint, and Sylvan Learning.



Tucker Sauer-Pivonka is a Product Manager at Crema, working with funded startup and enterprise clients to prototype, test, and build their web and mobile applications. When he's not in the office, he can often be found hitting up some hiking trails with his husband and two dogs, working on his new house or figuring out plans for a fun vacation.

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