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Built to Last: How to Create Adaptable Workflows

Wednesday, June 1st

On paper, your processes are probably pretty great. You’ve got communication guidelines, rules around the tools you use, where assets live, and how they’re shared.

But these workflows probably don’t capture all the micro-adjustments your team has had to make with each new project. An extra email here, two follow-up reminders there, an hour lost searching your platforms for a piece of data…and so you end up with a more complicated actual process your team has developed to navigate the work they deal with.

Why is it so hard to create workflows that are clear enough to follow but flexible enough to adapt to the way people actually work?

If you’ve been struggling with process chaos within your team, this session is for you. We’ve challenged Dave and Nim from Kintone to not only teach us the right way to create effective team workflows but also run a hands-on, audience-led exploration of exactly how to create adaptable processes you can adjust as needs change.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create effective workflows for your team
  • How to leverage tools in your workflow without creating redundancies
  • How to leverage tech to make your multi-tool workflow flexible
  • Real-world recipes for specific use cases and the pain points they solve

What you take away:

  • Better visibility on current friction points in your existing workflows
  • How to create adaptable processes that help you embrace change
  • Where to utilize tech to shoulder the burden of change management
  • How to minimize workflow chaos without changing the tools your team loves


Dave Landa
CEO of Kintone

Dave Landa is chief executive officer of Kintone Corporation. He has been on the forefront of the cloud revolution with multiple executive teams of leading Software as a Services (SaaS) application providers back to 2004. Dave has been at the helm of the Kintone US business since 2015 driving rapid growth with progressive leadership and getting Kintone’s no-code custom application platform recognized on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant five (5) years running, and on Forrester’s Wave for Low Code Platforms for Business Developers, while also being recognized as a Great Place to Work. Dave is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and is frequently cited in Forbes’ expert panel pieces as well as the author of many articles and a speaker at many events and webinars on digital transformation, leadership, and work and teamwork culture.

Nim Grinvald
Technical Evanelist at Kintone

As Kintone's Technology Evangelist, Nim Grinvald understands the value of painless, practical business ops workflows. Nim helps application and citizen developers discover the benefits of unifying their communication with their data on Kintone's easy-to-build-on platform. Ask him for his hummus recipe.

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