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5 Things You Can Do To Build Healthy Team Culture

What does healthy team culture look like, and how do you create it?

This topic has taken center stage recently as workplace experts challenge the assumption that Millennial-enticing ping-pong tables and beer fridges = team culture.

Join Rebecca Germond to learn about what healthy team culture is—and how to create it. Rebecca is a project manager with extensive experience in media communications, managing interactive experiences, and managing digital and social amplifications. Her portfolio includes projects for CAA, Mazda, and the Government of Canada.

Learn from Rebecca’s years of experience as she describes the 5 things you can do as a project manager to build healthy team culture.


Rebecca Germond

With a strong foundation in project management and media communications, Rebecca brings more than 10 years of experience managing interactive experiences and digital and social amplifications, including projects for CAA, Mazda, and the Government of Canada.

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