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Productivity Hacks for PM’s

Thursday, April 7th

Productivity is difficult. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an entire day’s work done in one hour? Okay, maybe that’s not possible. But how do we make the most of our day and feel good about what we accomplished?

Michael, Mackenzie and CJ will be chatting on the DPM Community’s best tips for managing your daily tasks. We will chat on how to prioritize your day, review different methods (oh hello paper-based CJ) and look at some tools live.


Mackenzie Dysart
Product Manager, Project Management Expert, Mentor, CSM, PMP

Mackenzie is a product and digital project management professional who has been a vocal advocate for accessibility and inclusive design. She has spent over a decade crossing between agency side and client side, giving her a unique perspective on what the worlds of client services and in-house digital can learn from one another. Never afraid to ask the tough questions and challenge the status quo, Mackenzie has been recognized in her industry for her effective leadership skills and her knack for collaborative problem solving. Today she wields her PMP and CSM certifications as a Product Manager at Connected.

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