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How To Get It All Done: Improve Your Focus & Avoid Burnout

Thursday, June 9th

Project managers commonly complain that they lack time to get everything done, Beyonce may have 24 hrs in each day but we don’t. But what we are really saying is maybe we aren’t making the most of the time we have to focus on the right things. How do project managers know which are the “right things”?

How can we set ourselves up for success tomorrow by improving our productivity, creativity, and focus today? And how do we do this while avoiding burnout? Our DPM Expert Sarah Hoban spilled the tea on all things productivity. Tune into this session with tips from a productivity guru and learn how to apply them to your schedule and your practice right away.


Sarah Hoban
Program Manager | Project Manager | Product Operations

Sarah is a project manager, product manager, and strategy consultant with 10+ years of experience leading cross-functional teams of engineers and business analysts to execute high-risk multi-million dollar projects. She excels at diagnosing and prioritizing project problems, quickly mastering complex technical concepts and conveying them to stakeholders, and streamlining operations. Sarah is passionate about productivity, leadership, building community, and her home state of New Jersey.

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