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PM Best Practices
Launching and Scaling as a Freelance PM

Should you go solo? A question that many PMs have asked themselves at some point in their career. If you do, how do you ensure your success?

When you’re starting out, the number of things to consider can be overwhelming. How much should I charge? How should I accept payment? How will I file my taxes? How do I get a client?

For seasoned freelancers, you may be looking to fine tune your marketing tactics or improve your existing processes to become more efficient.

Join us July 16th at 9am PT | 12pm ET to chat with some industry pros to talk about their successes, failures and lessons learned when it comes to freelance PMing.

You’ll be hearing from

You’ll walk away from this session with:

  • A clear understanding of what it takes to go freelance
  • Practical steps for setting up your business for long term success
  • Tips for landing and growing your client base to scale your business

We’ll set aside 10-15 minutes toward the tail end of the event so you can ask your toughest freelance questions if you find yourself in need of expert help.


Michael Mordak
Community Producer

As Community Producer for BWZ, I engage and support our member-based communities to iterate on an optimized member experience that continually finds the right balance between delighting our customers with value and running a lean and efficient operation. My main goals are to grow our audience, drive community engagement, master member retention, and build a self-optimizing system through automation and scalable processes.


Lloyd George
Talent Manager

By day, Lloyd is a Zimbabwean American talent manager focused on Black tech and gaming influencers. He has spent over nine years in media, working with brands like DraftKings, Chick-fil-A, and Gopuff on campaigns ranging from Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino to Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila. By Night, Lloyd is a podcast nerd. He’s worked with brands like Spotify, Acast, Transistor, Alitu, and created content for Coinbase & LinkedIn.

Sara Fisher
Owner & Founder

Sara Fisher is a leader in creative project management and has managed projects for major Fortune-500 brands in gaming, entertainment, and consumer packaged goods since 2011. She specializes in making processes and workflows better for creative teams and is the owner of Green Luna Studio LLC.

Barbara Zerbe
Founder & CEO

Barbara Zerbe is a consultant specializing in operations, project and marketing management for small organizations that are scaling up. She was able to focus her PM career working with leading health experts such as Dr. Heather Sandison and Chris Kresser, and producing online summits as COO of HealthMeans. She loves making sense of the chaos and creating a structure that simultaneously promotes flexibility.