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How I Actually Plan A Project

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Hey folks,

Just sharing a quick(ish) video on how I approach project planning. Just like other videos in this series, this is less about the technical side of things and more about my mindset, philosophies, and personal experience.

This is loosely based on our Landing Page Project Timeline template and sample in our Templates library, but I’ve also taken the opportunity to create a different sample in Smartsheet for those who weren’t able to take advantage of the MPP and XML versions.

The Smartsheet sample I show in the demo is linked below (needs a Smartsheet account).



Additional Resources


I am a digital project management nerd, a cultivator of highly collaborative teams, and an impulsive sharer of knowledge. For the past decade, I've been shaping and delivering human-centered digital transformation initiatives in government, healthcare, transit, and retail. I'm also the co-founder of The Digital Project Manager and host of The DPM Podcast.

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