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AMA: We Teach The Value of Embracing Risk Management

Risk is part of every project, but is the overhead of formal risk management worth the investment? Can’t risks be overcome with the power of positive thinking? How detailed must our risk processes be?

If you have struggled to convince your team, your sponsors, or even yourself that spending time on risk management is worth more than it costs – this session is for you.

Risk management experts Payson Hall and Shash Roy will answer your questions and share their experiences managing risks on projects of different sizes and complexity – from a toddler’s birthday party to $2B system development projects.

Payson and Shash share their perspectives (and sometimes disagree) about such questions as:

  • We identified a risk… now what?
  • How can risks be cost effectively-identified?
  • How elaborate should a risk log be?
  • What does it mean to “accept” a risk?
  • How can you avoid Risk Management becoming a “check the box” exercise?


Galen Low

Galen is a digital project manager with over 10 years of experience shaping and delivering human-centered digital transformation initiatives in government, healthcare, transit, and retail. He is a digital project management nerd, a cultivator of highly collaborative teams, and an impulsive sharer of knowledge. He's also the co-founder of The Digital Project Manager and host of The DPM Podcast.

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