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AMA: I’ve Led Over 50 Teams Through Digital Change with Marissa Taffer

Thursday, May 30th

As digital project managers, we’ll inevitably encounter a lot of change in our role. And leading teams through these changes can be a daunting challenge. Navigating the waters of digital transformation involves more than just strategy; it requires finesse in managing people, technology, and processes.

Join us for an exclusive AMA session with Marissa Taffer, Founder & President of M. Taffer Consulting, who has successfully led over 50 teams through digital change and learned a lot along the way. Marissa will be taking all of your questions, but expect to walk away from this session with:

  • Effective strategies for digital change
  • Tactics to overcome resistance
  • Ways to make change stick

Bring your most challenging questions and get ready to transform your approach to change management!


Michael Mordak
Community Producer

As Community Producer for BWZ, I engage and support our member-based communities to iterate on an optimized member experience that continually finds the right balance between delighting our customers with value and running a lean and efficient operation. My main goals are to grow our audience, drive community engagement, master member retention, and build a self-optimizing system through automation and scalable processes.


Marissa Taffer
Founder & President

Marissa is an experienced highly trained project manager. She holds a PMP from Project Management Institute, CSM from the Scrum Alliance, and served as an Asana Services Partner until Summer 2023. Marissa helps digital agencies, marketing teams and creatives spend more time doing what they do best - creating for their clients.

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