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First Steps With Your Shiny New PM Tool

A tool is only as strong as its configuration. Learn how to design the right architecture to scale your project delivery practice.

Purchasing A Tool Is The Beginning, Not The End.

There is a lot of powerful software out there to manage portfolios of projects, but they won’t be a glove-fit for your organization out of the box.

Let’s get under the hood to design the proper architecture to make your tool work the way your team works best so you can get the efficiency, uptake, and impact you need from it.


Meet Your Instructor

Galen Low, Co-Founder of The Digital Project Manager

I’m Galen, and I tend to nerd out about digital project management. For over 13 years, I’ve worked at boutique agencies and large consultancies to help shape and deliver multi-million dollar, human-centered digital transformation initiatives in government, healthcare, transit, and retail.

Be The Rock Star Of Rolling Out New Tools.

If you want your new tool to win hearts, hit targets, and reach goals, this lesson is for you. Don’t settle for a lacklustre roll-out. Attain the superhero status as a key player in your organization’s digital transformation.

First Steps With Your Shiny New PM Tool

In this workshop, DPM Expert Galen Low teaches the architectural considerations and change management strategies that will drive the success of your PM tool roll-out.

First Steps With Your Shiny New PM Tool
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