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What’s Included
  • Flexible learning options to fit around your busy lifestyle
  • Practical instruction from experts who “get” your project challenges
  • A concise curriculum focused on immediate takeaways

Course Outline

Walk away with these skills each week:

Lesson 1: Define your role, tools, and approach.

During our intro week, the video lesson covers the PM essentials—get a solid understanding of the project management lifecycle, methodologies, and tools. All participants have the chance to introduce themselves and get to know their peers, and Standard and Extended course participants will complete assignments to optimize their project methodology. This week’s video modules include:

  • What’s Project Management
  • The Project Management Lifecycle
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • How To Choose A Project Management Tool
  • The Project Manager’s Toolkit

Lesson 2: Initiate projects with effective kick-offs, discovery, and briefing.

Week 2 brings us to project initiation, with the video lessons covering aspects like getting setup on a project and leading a kickoff meeting with teams and clients. Standard and Extended course participants will get hands-on practice creating a setup checklist and writing an effective project brief as their weekly assignment. This week’s video lesson covers these topics:

  • How Agencies Deliver Work – Project Process
  • How To Get Setup On A Project
  • How To Engage The Team
  • How To Kickoff Projects With Your Team
  • How To Kickoff Projects With Your Clients
  • How To Start Projects Right – Project Discovery
  • How to Get On Track For Success
  • How To Get Good Work Done

Lesson 3: Create realistic timelines and plans that truly guide your projects.

In Week 3, you’ll learn fundamental techniques for planning your projects, and we’ll take you through the specific steps for creating a project timeline with a detailed walk-through. Participants in the Standard and Extended course will create their own timeline for the week’s homework. This week’s video lessons cover these topics:

  • Principles For Project Planning
  • How To Create A Project Plan
  • Project Plan Building Walkthrough
  • How To Build An Agile Project Plan

Lesson 4: Build accurate estimates and understand different pricing models.

During Week 4, we dive into the challenging topic of project estimates—you’ll learn different estimation techniques and pricing models, and we’ll walk you through the steps of creating a project estimate. For homework, Standard and Extended participants will add to their timeline from Week 3 by building out a project estimate. This week’s video modules cover these topics:

  • Principles for Estimating Projects
  • Pricing Models
  • Estimation Techniques For Digital Projects
  • How To Build A Project Estimate
  • Project Estimate Walkthrough
  • How To Tackle Estimating Challenges

Lesson 5: Create a reliable, functional Statement of Work.

In Week 5, we provide a walk-through that shows you how to craft a Statement of Work. You’ll learn fundamental principles for creating and using a Statement of Work, and participants in the Standard and Extended course will use their project timeline and estimate from previous weeks to write a Statement of Work. This week’s video modules include:

  • Principles For Statements of Work
  • How To Create A Statement of Work
  • Statement of Work Walkthrough
  • How To Use A Statement of Work

Lesson 6: Deal confidently with real-world challenges.

During Week 6, we dive into the trickier aspects of project management—you’ll learn how to deal with projects when they don’t go as planned. We share communication and negotiation techniques for managing risk, conflict, and difficult conversations. For homework in the Standard and Extended courses you’ll put these techniques into practice when you have to craft a response to an “email” from an unhappy client. This week’s video lesson cover these topics:

  • How To Manage The Day To Day Of Projects
  • How To Manage Meetings
  • How To Track & Reporting Progress
  • How To Manage Risk
  • Why Projects Fail
  • How To Have Difficult Conversations
  • How To Negotiate
  • How To Get Projects Back On Track
  • How To Manage Quality
  • How To Go Live
  • How To Close Projects

Lesson 7: Strengthen your leadership skills to build high performing teams.

In our final week, participants will focus on the important soft skills that separate a good PM from a great one. We’ll cover topics like casting vision, building momentum in your teams, and being the most productive you can be. Standard and Extended participants will solidify these concepts with an exercise in creating a vision statement and sharing ways to build stronger teams and better work habits. This week’s video lessons cover these topics:

  • How To Cast Vision
  • How To Build A Great Team
  • How to Manage An Effective Team
  • How To Build Momentum
  • How To Be Effective & Productive
  • How To Keep Up With Everything
  • How To Be Better
  • How To Continue Your Learning

This Course Is Perfect For You If


You’re currently facing project challenges & need expert advice.


You’re new to digital project management & need support.


You want to learn actionable theory & are ready to put it into practice.


You’re currently facing project challenges & need expert advice.


You’re new to digital project management & need support.


You want to learn actionable theory & are ready to put it into practice.

This course is not for you if


  • You’re just looking to learn basic project management theory.
  • You’re simply interested in cookie cutter approaches to project delivery.
  • You don’t want to think for yourself about how to apply theory to real life.
  • You just want a project management certificate, without the effort.
  • You don’t care about developing your project skills, techniques and toolkit.

Next Class Starts on February 7, 2022

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01. How Is The Course Structured?

The course is divided into 7 weekly themes:

  1. Project management essentials and tools
  2. Project initiation
  3. Project timelines
  4. Project budgets
  5. Statement of Work
  6. Managing projects
  7. Project leadership

You’ll get access to the course content, theme by theme, over 7 weeks (with access to the video lessons for a year). You’ll receive access to the new content at the beginning of each week, so everyone’s on the same page as we go through the course.

Here’s a sample course schedule:

Monday: Release of the week’s video lesson on Hazu + release of the week’s assignment on Peergrade + release of the pre-recorded panel discussion.

Sunday: Deadline for the assignment submission.

Monday: Peer’s assignment evaluation opens.

Wednesday: Deadline for peer’s assignment evaluation submission.

NB: Assignments and panel discussions are part of the Standard an Extended courses only.

02. How Much Time Do I Need To Set Aside Each Week?

This is an intensive course designed to deliver maximum value in 7 weeks. You’ll get out of it what you put in—we’ve designed the course to scale to the time you’ve got available.

Have an hour per week? Take the Basic course. Video lessons are ~1hr each. It’s self-paced, with no assignments and no certification.

Have 1-2 hours per week? Take the Standard or Extended course, but opt out of doing the assignments. Simply watch the video lessons, join in the Slack discussion and dip into panel discussions for a total commitment of 1-2 hours per week. This option lets you watch videos and panel discussions whenever you like each week, with no assignments and no certification. For 1:1 coaching, apply for the Extended course.

Have 4-5 hours per week? Take the Standard or Extended course, and opt into doing the assignments. Watch the video lessons and panel discussions earlier in the week so you have time to do assignments and benefit from the group discussion on Slack. You’ll also evaluate others’ assignments, and have the chance to join the weekly office hour, for a total commitment of 4-5 hours a week. This option includes assignments and certification. Opt into 1:1 coaching through the Extended course.

If you spend more time, you’re going to get more out of it.

Here’s a sample breakdown:
  • 1hr – video lessons (released every Monday, for 7 weeks)
  • 10+ mins – discussions on Slack (throughout the week)
  • 1-2 hrs – panel discussions (released every Monday, for 7 weeks)
  • 1-2 hrs – assignments (released every Monday, due every Sunday)
  • 10-20 mins – evaluating assignments

Remember, all participants get access to the course for a full year. While it’s released over 7 weeks, you can revisit any of the content on your own time.

03. How Do I Get The Course Certificate?

DPM School certification gives you the chance to share your achievement in completing the Mastering Digital Project Management course with your network. Our certification is provided by Accredible, allowing you to add your certification to your LinkedIn profile.

The certification is available for those who take the Standard or Extended course, successfully completing all assignments and achieving a 60% or greater overall score. We’ll issue a certificate upon successful completion of all the course assignments. You’re able to resubmit assignments if required.

04. Can I Claim PDU's?

For those interested in using this course for PDU’s, please note we’ve not yet completed our registration as a PMI R.E.P. so while you can claim 15 category-4 PDU’s for taking the course yourself, at this stage, you won’t be able to use the course to claim category-3 PDU’s.

05. What If I Change My Mind?

We understand there are reasons why you might need to withdraw from the course. Remember, you get access to the course for 1 year after the course starts. However, if you’re trying to follow the 7-week structure of the course you can join another course at a later date within a year of applying.

We’re confident you’re going to love the course. But if you don’t, just tell us and we’ll issue a full refund—we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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