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What Is Bridge24? Overview Of The Reporting And Exporting Tool For Project Management

In a 2000 PMI conference paper, the authors observed that there is a very wide selection of project management software solutions in the market, more than a hundred.

Today, there are thousands to choose from—and the number is growing.

According to the study, part of the reason why there is a large number of PM software is because of the temporary nature of projects. Every project can be unique, and different projects may require different tools.

The other part lies on user satisfaction. Users will continue to use a tool only as long as it satisfies their ability to perform project management tasks, their ability to perform their job as a whole, and they are satisfied with their interaction with the software through its interface.

Clearly, users need a PM software that’s adaptable to different projects and full of useful features on a slick interface that make it easy to learn and use. That’s Bridge24.

Bridge24 logo

What Is Bridge24?

Bridge24 is an online application that connects to several project management software programs to provide users with additional features. It dynamically connects to Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject online software in real-time.

This means that Bridge24 provides the option to view, update, create reports, and export data using tools that are unavailable in a user’s primary PM platform.

Bridge24 is unique because it’s not another PM tool available in the market. Instead, it provides enhancements and missing features in tools you’re already using.

Bridge24 is a product of Websystems, Inc., a privately held software company based in Québec, Canada. It was founded in 2002 and offers several products and services in project management. Websystems also created AceProject cloud-based project management software.

The Inspiration Behind Bridge24

As more companies adopt project management practices to achieve their business goals, we noticed that they started to use multiple tools. But at the same time, they were continually interested in new solutions and integrations.

And that is how the idea of Bridge24 came about. It is a solution to fill up the missing features gap in project management software that companies are already using.

Who Is Bridge24 For?

Bridge24 is for existing users of Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject. Each of these project management software has missing features that users wish they have access to. Bridge24 aims to supply those missing features.

In fact, we not only provide the missing or weak features the primary tool were unable to deliver, but we offer more options, and with simpler navigation, in easier ways, and at a more affordable price.

Every Asana, Trello, Basecamp, or AceProject user will have the tools to view their project data in multiple ways. You can:

  • search and filter the exact information you want to see
  • create clear reports, complete with interactive charts
  • update the values as needed
  • export reports and interactive charts into Excel and other file formats

And you can do all of this using only one tool.

What Challenges Does Bridge24 Help Solve?

Challenge #1: A Need For Better Reporting

Successful project management relies heavily on project communications and reporting. However, most of today’s online tools are focused on easy-to-use visual interface that provides information-at-a-glance. Most of them lack the ability to generate reports that show organized, accurate and print-quality information.

Bridge24 has advanced reports feature that can show multi-level grouping, unlimited columns, and more options, so it is up to you how much information you want to show in your reports.

Bridge24 screenshot - Tool Overview - Asana report

Bridge24 for Asana report

Challenge #2: Making Great Visual Charts

We are often limited in the visuals we can include in our reports. Charts are important tools to show overall and relative information visually. However, most of the PM tools will require us to use different add-ons and integrations to be able to use charts. And this will add complexity and even cost.

Bridge24 is an affordable solution that allows you to add several types of interactive charts in your reports. You can quickly create from popular selections or create custom ones. And you can quickly export the image in PDF format.

Bridge24 screenshot - Tool Overview - Basecamp Chart

Bridge24 for Basecamp chart

Challenge #3: We Need Exporting Information To Be Easy

Online project management software usually says they support data portability. Unfortunately, the available ways we can retrieve our data is very limited and is not among the features that PM software developers focus on. Some allow users to export our data in formats only machines can read. At times, you need to use other integration tools or even hire programmers to work on your API.

Bridge24 provides a quick solution to this problem. You can just use a filter to find the information you’re looking for, regardless of which view you are in. In a few clicks, you can export the tasks, cards, to-dos, and other relevant information, in Excel or CSV.

Bridge24 screenshot - Tool Overview - Trello export

Bridge24 for Trello export

What’s New In Bridge24?

As more users are experiencing the advantages that Bridge24 brings, new features are now available based on the feedback and requests we got.

New Bridge24 features and capabilities:

  • Additional charts and reports have been added, such as completion status, archived status, label name, and tasks by label color, depending on the PM tool
  • Quick access filters by deadline category are now available from the left navigation view
  • Rapid access to view all tasks, to-dos, or cards directly in a new Grid drop-down selector
  • Include unlimited fields in reports
  • Create reports grouped by custom fields and more.

Bridge24 Features Overview

Here are the main features of Bridge24 and how it can help you get enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities with your existing project management software.

1. Advanced Reports

Bridge24 allows you to generate predefined reports based on filtered tasks/cards/to-dos, and create them in high-quality printable format.

You can build reports using 2-level groupings and use as many columns as you want.

You can also include custom fields in your reports, as well as other information such as subtasks, with indentation (Asana connector).

2. Interactive Charts

Include colorful charts in your reports. Bridge24 gives you a choice of chart types:

  • Pie charts
  • Doughnut charts
  • Polar charts
  • Horizontal bar or vertical bar charts

With these interactive charts, you can click on the legend to show/hide a particular selection, or click to drill down to the details. You can stack charts to display 2 variables in one chart, sort them by criteria, and then export the image to a PDF file.

3. Quick Export Tool

You can export task, card, or to-do information easily with Bridge24. You can include in the export to Excel additional sheets for the comments, and attachment information. On most PM tools, you can include the task history for a specific date range or user. Export to CSV is also possible.

4. Filter Tasks/Cards/To-Dos

Instead of using multiple searches to get relevant information or to create a report, you can use powerful filters and save them for instant access.

Bridge24 has a Quick Search feature that you can use in any of its views to filter and display information. You can use multi-level grouping and sorting in filters and save each different one, too.

Bridge24 screenshot - Tool Overview - Basecamp filter

Bridge24 for Basecamp filter

5. Multiple Views

Bridge24 also provides multiple views to give you a different perspective and helpful insight as you analyze your data. Choose from a powerful Grid view, a Calendar, or a flexible board view. And switch from one view to the other easily.

Bridge24 screenshot - Tool Overview - Asana view

Bridge24 for Asana view

6. Update Tasks

With Bridge24, you do not have to do any complicated export/import or migration of data from your primary tool. It connects dynamically and does not keep a copy of your data in its servers. It creates 2-way sync, so you can add or modify any existing task, and your primary tool will be updated.

Similarly, you can also see in Bridge24 any update done using the main project management software.

Bridge24 screenshot - Tool Overview - AceProject update

Bridge24 for AceProject update

Competitors And Integrations

Bridge24 is unique because it works with your project management software.

Bridge24 is not another PM tool available in the market but provides enhancements and missing features in what you’re already using.

In terms of integration, it is an integration tool itself that connects to Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject.

Bridge24 Pricing

Bridge24 offers a free 7-day trial. After the trial you can choose your plan based on the number of users for your account. The Premium monthly plan for 1 user is $12 per month or $96 per year. Pricing per user gets down as more users are included in the account.

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