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What Is Overview & Tour Of Features

What is

Discover how works—what problems it can help you solve and who uses it, along with a tour of its features, pricing, and integrations.

I’ll also explain how compares to similar tools.

What Is is a software that helps salespeople focus on selling and supports the entire sales process. The tool aims to reduce data entry, admin, and complexity, as well as provide visibility into the status of leads and individual and team priorities.

Who Is For? is used by many different kinds of businesses across a variety of industries including real estate, insurance, and media & marketing. The software is designed such that it can adapt to any business that has a need to manage leads, although it’s mostly geared towards small and medium businesses.

What Challenges Does Help Solve?

  1. Prospecting: A lot of salespeople find prospecting a bit of a chore as it can be very time-consuming to source, sort, and manage prospects. has a dedicated prospecting feature that enables salespeople to treat cold prospects separately from leads.
  2. Qualifying prospects: Effectively qualifying prospects is essential to any sales process and ensures that sales reps only spend on those that are likely to convert. has a built-in qualification feature, the Sales Script Generator, to help sales reps qualify prospects efficiently during their calls.
  3. Filling out information in a CRM can be time-consuming: Traditional CRMs often require quite a bit of data entry, which takes salespeople’s time away from selling. But if data entry isn’t completed, then the data in the CRM is not worth very much. has no required fields. This reduces the time filling out contact information so salespeople can focus on higher-value tasks like calling, pitching, and closing. Features Overview

To get an idea of how works, here’s a tour of the main features and how they can help you make sales more efficient at every step in your sales process.

Screenshot Setup Desktop and Mobile
Set up and manage leads and prospects in pipelines on both mobile and desktop.


To kick off the process, create a prospecting list in by importing an Excel file or start to collect potential leads from all the different channels your company uses (website, LinkedIn, email, business cards, etc). You can create as many prospecting lists as you need and categorize them based on geographical location, lead source, industry, and other categories.

Within each prospecting list, users can see the total number of prospects, number of prospects yet to qualify, and number of live prospects. Based on this information, users can prioritize leads, see where there is an action associated with each lead, and view leads that still need to be followed up on.

Screenshot Prospecting
Create multiple prospecting lists to organize leads by categories that fit your needs.

Outreach And Qualification includes features to help sales staff qualify leads and prospects. Users can create call scripts so sales reps know exactly which questions to ask and what information to gather in order to qualify leads.

Using the Sales Script Generator, users can create a customized sales script that includes questions and scoring team members should use during prospect calls. A call script will help sales staff retrieve information like company type, budget, objective, needs, decision-making criteria, and more to determine whether the prospect is a good fit. This also helps reps better structure calls and ensures they are listening to what the prospect is saying.

Lead Management

Screenshot of User can add information allows users to add as much or as little information about their prospect as they see fit.

There are no required fields in, so sales reps can enter as much or as little data for a lead as they want. The only thing they absolutely have to do for a lead is to enter a next action (call, meeting, email, task, etc). This means that every lead always has a todo, helping prevent a leaky sales pipeline. enables you to create a customized pipeline which reflects each step in the sales process at your company. You also have the option of creating multiple pipelines for different types of sales, such as lead generation, upselling, and account management.

Screenshot of Visual Pipelines users can create visual pipelines for easy visualization of their prospects.

The visual pipeline in enables the whole team, and particularly Sales Directors and Managers, to have a clear overview of the status of deals that are in progress at any given time. This helps everyone stay focused on closing the most important deals in the pipe.

Screenshot Of Tasks Tracking
Users can also keep track of sales team tasks in

Sales Team Management helps ensure leads that are saved in the software, and that sales managers are fully informed about the exact state of the sales pipeline. The tool also provides sales directors with a clear overview of team performance, and access to key sales metrics for each member of their team such as number of emails sent, calls made, deals closed, and more.

Sales directors can also keep an eye on future revenue projections via a sales forecasting report to ensure that the team is on track to meet their objectives. Finally, a detailed pipeline report will identify leaks and weak points to help improve the overall sales process. Integrations can connect with all the other essential apps and software in your sales stack. offers a calendar synchronization feature, and has several great VOIP partners, including Aircall and RingCentral, which enable you to dial leads directly from the software. Another feature is a simple QR code available on each lead record; scan the code with your phone and the number is dialled directly. includes full email integration. Users can send and receive emails directly from the platform, as well as keep track of the click and open rate. You also have the option of creating email templates (either personal or shared with the team), as well as the ability to analyze email template performance and test different subject lines and messaging.

Some other popular direct integrations include:

  • Google Workspace
  • QuickBooks
  • Zapier
  • Aircall
  • FunnelFLARE
  • ActiveDEMAND
  • ActiveCampaign

View a full list of integrations here. Pricing offers a 15-day free trial with no credit card required. At the end of your free trial, there are a variety of plans to choose from that start from $12/month per user for the Starter Kit. See all pricing plans here.

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