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What Is FunctionFox? Overview Of The Project Management Software For Creatives

What is FunctionFox—who is it designed for, and how much does it cost?

Read on to discover how FunctionFox works—what problems it can help you solve and who uses it, along with a tour of its features, pricing and integrations.

FunctionFox logo tool overview

What Is FunctionFox?

FunctionFox Time Tracking and Project Management System is an intuitive online tool for tracking time and expenses, keeping to estimate, and managing clients and projects. Designed for creative professionals, this software streamlines business processes to enhance productivity and profitability, giving creative professionals a better way to handle the time tracking and project management activities.

FunctionFox has been around for almost 20 years, starting out before SaaS was even a thing. Based in sunny Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, FunctionFox began as one creative agency’s solution to internal time-tracking and project management challenges. From that small beginning it has evolved into an essential tool for creative professionals, with over 100,000 users in more than 120 countries around the world.

Who Is FunctionFox For?

FunctionFox has been designed primarily for creative professionals—solo consultancies, creative agency teams, and in-house creative groups.

But others whose profitability depends on accurate time records and effortless project management have also discovered the advantages of FunctionFox. Every member of a creative team can benefit from using FunctionFox: freelancers and consultants, designers and writers, production and project managers, admin staff, executives and CEOs.

Overview Of FunctionFox Features

FunctionFox builds simple, intuitive, and powerful tools that make time-tracking effortless, administrative process quick and painless, and workflow trouble-free. To get an idea of how FunctionFox works, here are some key features.

Free Customer Support And Onboarding

FunctionFox support is the best in the business. Our account managers know our product inside out, and are able to answer questions and solve any challenges swiftly. Contact us and a real person, with real expertise, will respond.

Account Preferences & Customization

Set up FunctionFox the way you prefer, customizing it so it fits you like a glove. With loads of flexibility, custom fields and status options, the learning curve is short, sweet, and very comfortable.

Timesheets With Stopwatch Timer

FunctionFox timesheets are easy to complete—you see only the clients, projects and tasks you need, and a stopwatch timer ensures accuracy.

Project Tracking

Take control of all the details. Track budgets and estimates, status and productivity, or see everything—Clients, Projects, Expenses, Productivity, and custom fields at a glance—with our CEO Desktop.

FunctionFox Tool CEO Desktop Screenshot
The FunctionFox CEO Desktop provides a graphical representation of project deadlines as well as estimated costs and hours compared to actual time tracked

Project Templates

Quickly replicate past successful projects with FunctionFox Templates. Each similar project estimate will be more accurate and save both time and money.

FunctionFox Tool Project Templates Screenshot
FunctionFox screenshot showing the interface for selecting a project template from a previous project, which saves time when setting up new projects.

Customizable Project Request Forms

In-House creative groups love FunctionFox Project Request Forms. Fully customizable, they simplify the process of project initiation.

FunctionFox Tool Request Form Screenshot
Screenshot of FunctionFox’s request form with customizable fields.

Communication And Collaboration Features

Features include: Flink document exchange, access rights for freelancers and contractors, a Project Blog with Email Alerts on Comments.

3 Benefits Of FunctionFox

FunctionFox simple to set up and use, even for timesheet haters, and it is both highly effective, and very affordable. More than 100,000 users in over 120 countries world-wide use FunctionFox project management—here’s a summary of a few of the main benefits that users get from using this software:

1. Get Rid Of Timesheet Hassle

It’s no secret that creative brains are not wired to love timesheets. In fact, one of the biggest administrative challenges for creative companies is simply getting people to record their activities accurately and on time. Without this input, it is impossible to accurately plan and estimate new projects, assign work fairly, manage multiple jobs concurrently, or provide transparent feedback to clients. This creates a cascading disaster for any company that depends on time records for business success.

FunctionFox makes it extremely simple for people to record their time quickly and painlessly, reduces inaccuracies in assigning time to clients and projects—and reminds people when they forget to do their timesheet, even timesheet haters love it.

2. Stay On Top Of Multiple Projects

Managing the umpteen details of each project in a busy creative shop, while keeping them all on track, on budget and on time is challenging for any business. It is far too easy for miscommunications to arise, details to slip through the cracks, and actual fees and costs to exceed estimates.

FunctionFox’s team communication features ensure that everyone on every project has the information they need to complete their task. Budgets, estimates, and the current status of all projects are available at a glance, and reports about clients, projects, personnel are instantly available.

3. Manage Resources Effectively

Keeping everyone working efficiently without overloading some and leaving others searching for something to do is a huge challenge. Even in an apparently busy agency, there can be great discrepancies in productivity from one employee to another. Schedules are thrown off, deadlines are missed, and efficiency goes out the window,

FunctionFox simplifies task assignment and scheduling to optimize productivity. It easily aligns production schedules with estimates and budgets—no more budget overruns or embarrassing calls to clients about billing. You’ll see who has capacity for more work, who is working efficiently, and who is overstretched, and keep on top of it all with easy, accurate progress updates.


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Summary Of FunctionFox Plans & Who They’re For

FunctionFox Classic

FunctionFox Classic is for people looking for an affordable way to manage essential administrative activities—one that is simple to set up, easy-to-use, and highly effective.

  • Stay on top of projects and prevent scope creep.
  • Understand your business better with instant reports on clients, projects and personnel.
  • Review previous projects when developing new quotes to boost efficiency and accuracy.

FunctionFox Premier

For teams looking for increased control, FunctionFox Premier provides advanced project management with the ability to assign and schedule tasks.

  • Easily track internal and external communication and know what everyone is doing—even when there are multiple projects on the go.
  • Keep production schedules and job progress in line with estimates and budgets.
  • Freedom from day-to-day administrative tasks to allow focus on the big ideas that drive your business.

FunctionFox In-House

For In-House creative groups, FunctionFox helps streamline internal processes, keep multiple projects on track, and get the recognition they deserve.

  • Simplify processes and procedures and manage productivity effectively.
  • Helps small creative teams to communicate and receive requests from many different departments using customized request forms.
  • Improve teamwork while handling projects from concept to completion.

FunctionFox Pricing

FunctionFox pricing is simple, affordable, and very scalable.  Find pricing details in the summary below.

FunctionFox Classic Plan

The FunctionFox Classic Plan offers timesheets and project tracking functionality and costs $5 per month per user ($35 per month for the 1st user). It includes features such as:

  • Easy-to-use timesheet with stopwatch timer
  • Project tracking with email reminders and alerts
  • Unlimited clients, projects, and personnel
  • Project estimating and budget tracking
  • Reporting on clients, projects, personnel & more

FunctionFox Premier Plan

The FunctionFox Premier Plan offers advanced project management functionality and costs $10 per month per user ($50 per month for the 1st user). It includes all of the features in the Classic Plan, plus:

  • Action assignment and resource allocation
  • Project calendar and scheduling
  • To-Do List with built in stopwatch timer
  • Timelines and project milestones
  • Project Blog

FunctionFox In-House Plan

The FunctionFox In-House Plan is designed to provide features for in-house creative team to manage, track, and report on multiple projects. It costs $20 per month per user ($150 per month for 1st user) and includes everything in the Classic Plan plus:

  • Project Request Forms for all outside departments
  • Powerful Custom Fields to track project info
  • Flink: Cloud-based document exchange
  • Cycle and Capacity Reports
  • Customizable Reports

FunctionFox Integrations

For creative professionals, FunctionFox is an all in one solution. With Contacts and Calendars, Time Tracking, Estimating and Invoicing, Notes, Timelines and milestones, To Do Lists, Scheduling and powerful Reporting, there is no need for integration with outside entities.

What’s On The FunctionFox Roadmap?

At FunctionFox, we’re always improving our products—making them smarter, more intuitive, and easier to use. We respond to customer requests, work to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate industry changes, and remain flexible and adaptive, this year, last year, and as far into the future as we can see. Read our release history below to find out what we’ve been up to lately.

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