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Tool Overview: Teamdeck – Complete Resource Management Solution For Teams

It may often be tricky for a project manager to deliver a project on time and within budget, maintaining a healthy team at the same time. The key to solve this problem is implementing proper resource management processes in an organization. The challenge, however, lies in finding the best tool that suits your needs and gives you full control over teams you’re responsible for.

Teamdeck is a complete resource management solution that covers resource scheduling, time tracking and leave management. As a software house owner, I wanted to have a tool that would give me a better control over resources at my company. We couldn’t find anything like that on the market so had to build one ourselves.

The tool is built on years of resource management experience, leading teams spread across the world. Our goal was to give you a better understanding of who is working on what at a specific moment, what their availability is, and what their capacity for other assignments and projects is.

Teamdeck At A Glance

The tool has a very clear, material design-based UI, giving it a familiar look and feel. You can personalize your company’s account with custom fields, tags, report data flows and templates.

What’s important about teamdeck is that it’s not a task management tool, but rather a high-level planning solution which allows you to properly allocate resources across several projects.

Teamdeck Interface With Team Member Schedules And Workloads GIF

We know that, as a project manager, you may want to try out the tool first, before onboarding your team members. Teamdeck allows you to test the app using a demo organization which simulates a real company. When generating your sample organization, you can choose different organization types, user roles and team sizes to see how you could use the app in your company. It gives you a better understanding of the tool from the start, and makes it easier to convince your boss and team members to use it.

Resource Scheduling

It’s often challenging to allocate resources properly, especially if you have to double check with other people at your company to make sure who is available at the moment. Things can also get complicated when you have to rearrange your team.

Teamdeck makes resource scheduling much easier, as you can assess the general workload at the company as well as what people’s individual work capacity is. Therefore, you can easily find and allocate resources for your project or identify risks as soon as they occur.

Based on such information, you can add bookings and assign employees to the projects you run. You can edit the entries in case of a sudden change in the project or if the availability of your team members has changed.

To make your planning more accurate, you can define custom attributes for your projects and employees: skills, seniority level or location. Use them to make sure that you’re taking only the right team members into account.

Custom Filters Within The Teamdeck Interface Screenshot

To simplify Project Managers’ work, we implemented workload bars, which are straightforward indicators of your team’s workload.

You’re able to spot an employee who is either over- or underutilized simply by looking at the schedule: blue indicates that you can assign more tasks to your team members while red shows that they already have too much on their plates.

Team Workload Bars Moving Up And Down GIF

If you’re working with external clients, it’s essential to properly measure the work that has been done. For that, your timesheets should be as accurate as possible.

Teamdeck Resource Management Software Time Tracking Screenshot

Teamdeck offers a desktop app that requires only to choose a project and track your time in real-time. Your timesheets are populated with these recorded entries. Plus, employees can still fill them in manually, if they want or need to.

You can also compare timesheets with bookings easily to assess the accuracy of your estimates

Leave Management

As a project manager, you should have up-to-date information about your team members’ availability, including their time off and national holidays. Unplanned absences are especially hard to track and leave some team members out of the loop.

Teamdeck gives you an overview of an employee hourly availability, bank holidays and days off. Requesting and managing vacations happens within the tool, including dismissing or approving them by the manager. To improve communication, employees can also add a comment explaining the reasons for their absences.

Teamdeck Resource Management Software Leave Management Screenshot

As changes to employee availability are being displayed in the schedule right away, you always have an accurate overview of your team’s capacity.


We’ve just rolled out a new report suite that will help you optimize your ongoing projects and plan the future ones. You can also use them to analyze the budgets by assigning monetary value to the data you gathered (e.g. the number of hours spent by your team on a project).

When designing this feature, we wanted to make it as customizable as possible. You get to choose exactly what you want to measure or analyze, whether it’s a time spent by employees on a given assignment, project’s value or the estimation compared with actual project duration. Configuring your report, you can customize it yourself or choose from the available templates (e.g. Payroll or HR KPIs reports).

Teamdeck Resource Management Software Leave Management Screenshot

What we’re really excited about when it comes to these reports are custom calculations, which you can use to add more specific metrics. For example, you can compare bookings and vacations time with the overall availability to calculate the percentage of employee utilization within a given project.

Wrap Up

Building teamdeck we wanted to give project managers a solid overview of their resources. Planning, assigning and measuring work in one app makes the whole process consistent and more clear. If you’re wondering if it’s a good fit for you, there’s a 14-day free trial to try out all of the features with your team. You can also play with a demo organization and see how it would work for your company. And if you need a tour around teamdeck, I’m happy to be your guide, just drop me a line. Project managers’ voice means a lot to us, so we really appreciate your feedback.

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By Zbigniew Czarnecki

Zbigniew Czarnecki is a CEO at teamdeck and Apptension. He worked as a Solutions Architect on dozens of worldwide digital campaigns: putting the team together, advising on the tech scope and leading the developers to a successful delivery.

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