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PSOhub, A 360° Project Management Solution For Professional Services Companies

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to project management software—and it’s easy to get lost while trying to sort out exactly what solution makes sense for your company.

That’s why PSOhub set out to help professional services businesses work smarter, not harder. Our all-in-one solution helps you manage contracts, projects, time tracking, expenses, resources, and invoicing in one seamlessly integrated platform.

As your fearless guide through this treacherous undergrowth, I’ll show you how PSOhub makes the journey easier, solves your organization’s problems, and differs from similar tools on the market.

Stick close—it’s wild out there.

A multifaceted solution for multifaceted clients
PSOhub is a professional services automation (PSA) software solution that offers predictive project management, smart contract management, self-driving time and expense tracking, task and resource management, and invoicing—all in one integrated platform.

The product also effortlessly integrates with your CRM to help you streamline the journey from sales to service.

PSOhub - intro - screenshot

PSOhub is your central spot for handling different aspects of your day-to-day business, from time tracking to contracts.

Founder and CEO, Martijn van der Hoeden, started PSOhub because he saw a need for a solution that had self-driving timesheets, smart contracts, and predictive analysis so that anyone could manage a project without worrying that it would go off the rails. We’re proud to now have users in more than 70 countries!

You deserve more than the bare necessities

Our platform continues to evolve over time. We’re always invested in development, and we take client feedback very seriously.

So much so that we actually doubled the amount of features in our platform within the last year! Recently added features including resource management, invoicing customization, an improved time tracking browser extension, and a calculation sheet.

We call what we do 360° Project Management; we believe that optimizing project management and improving efficiency requires a holistic approach. One that will save you time, energy, and money.

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This innovative project management philosophy is embedded into the platform and everything we do.

Customers choose us over products like Asana,, Teamwork, and ClickUp because PSOhub is designed to make life as easy as possible for professional services companies specifically.

With built-in templates, automated workflows, and seamless connections to leading CRMs, we make it ridiculously simple to manage projects more effectively.

Everything we do, we do it for you

Our holistic tool is right for many types of businesses, particularly small and mid-sized businesses that are scaling up and finding they’ve outgrown their existing tools.

Our users include professional services organizations of all sizes, including:

  • Consulting firms
  • Marketing agencies
  • Software, tech, and IT services firms
  • Financial services firms and accountants
  • Architects and engineers
  • Legal firms

And our platform integrates with CRMs including:

In addition, PSOhub integrates with:

  • QuickBooks
  • Moneybird
  • Exact Online
  • XERO

Save time, energy, and cold hard cash

We find that the biggest project management challenges businesses face involve ease, efficiency, and productivity (or, rather, a lack thereof).

PSOhub addresses these common challenges in four key ways:

  1. It’s an all-in-one solution. Different project management jobs like contract management, time tracking, and task management have historically been siloed into different software platforms. PSOhub puts everything in one place, and automatically puts the right data in the right places across tools.
  2. It automates your processes. We believe that the future of work is all about automation. By seamlessly integrating with your CRM and providing self-driving tools for time tracking, contract management, resource management, and more, PSOhub sets you up for long-term success.
  3. It improves productivity. Our solution streamlines your sales to service handoff, automatically generating projects based on sales data and offering a single source of information, so both sales and project team members have access to identical information and duplicate data entry is prevented.
  4. It increases profitability. PSOhub saves you money because we’ve ditched siloed solutions, automated expensive admin tasks like time tracking, and provided increased project visibility. Adopting our platform can save a HubSpot agency with nine team members almost $10K per year.

An overview of PSOhub’s main features

Project Management

Keep on-time, in-scope, and in-budget with features like automated project setup, project planning, status tracking, and automatic alerts when projects are in danger of going off the rails.

PSOhub Screenshot 1

Organize your project according to stages like design, development, and testing and populate each section with relevant time and budget information.

Task Management

Make prioritizing, assigning, and completing tasks a breeze with simple workflows for task creation and resource management. Easily connect tasks with projects, contracts, and billing.

PSOHUB Task Management Screeenshot

Organize your task list using cards to flag your to-dos and populate each one with relevant data for the project.

Resource Management

Resource plan like a pro with features like project calculation, resource allocation, project workload, team utilization, and project backlog.

PSOhub Screenshot 3

PSOhub lets you track resource utilization by team member, project, or both.

Time & Expenses Tracking

With PSOhub’s automated calendar integrations, Chrome browser extension, GPS tracking, and a smart mobile app, you can create accurate, self-driving timesheets and expense reports.

PSOhub Screenshot 4

Track time and build timesheets in the web browser app or use the downloadable Chrome extension.

Invoicing & Billing

Need to automate invoicing? Create recurring invoices? Invoice based on installments or retainers? Integrate with your CRM and existing accounting software? PSOhub has you covered with our comprehensive, easy-to-use invoicing and billing features.

PSOhub Screenshot 5

Track your projects’ total value against what’s been invoiced, paid, and what’s still outstanding.

Let’s Work Together

Our goal at PSOhub is to make your life easier, and to help you optimize your business for long-term success. 

We offer a no-commitment free 30-day trial so you can see exactly how our holistic platform can meet your needs, along with a tiered pricing structure once you decide what features suit you. Want to discuss further? Drop us a line.

Get a PSOhub demo today.

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A few key words that describe me are entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, and energetic. I’m passionate about new challenges, and I’ve been growing tech startups and scaling up software for the last 15 years. Now, I’m the Marketing Director at PSOhub, where I help small businesses work smarter, not harder.

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