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What Is Moovila? Tool Overview: Work & Risk Management

Managing a large project or portfolio is a tremendous challenge. Juggling tasks, milestones, dependencies, and resource allocation is a massive undertaking, and without proper tools, even the most skilled PMs struggle to keep up with all the moving pieces.

As an organization scales, it’s simply impossible to manage a project or a portfolio at the highest level without work management and automation software.

What Is Moovila?

Moovila is a work management tool that offers project and portfolio management, time tracking and professional services automation (PSA), and automated project risk detection and mitigation. The software can adjust to your organization’s needs and grow with your organization as you scale.

Who is Moovila for?

Moovila is optimized for any team or organization looking to improve their work management capabilities or scale their project management needs in size and complexity. This includes professional services organizations, PMOs, and partner management teams.

Moovila is built for program managers and executives, with features like the RPAX score and dashboard, as well as for Project Managers and contributors, with features such as Intelligent Project Control and the Critical Path Engine.

What challenges does Moovila help solve?

Moovila can help address the following three key challenges.

Objective Risk Prediction

Every project portfolio management (PPM) solution has some sort of risk management system. However, these are commonly fields on a project or task that must be manually updated based on unreliable guesses, or simple formulas that don’t take into account the full scope of your work.

Moovila’s Intelligent Project Control is an AI-powered risk prediction and mitigation suite that is constantly checking for hidden risks in projects throughout your portfolio and provides automated, objective results.

Portfolio Monitoring

Moovila’s RPAX score automates project monitoring throughout project portfolios with AI, objectively calculating a low score if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Portfolio leaders can use this score to monitor which projects are at risk and drill down on those risks using the RPAX dashboard panel.

Moovila Dashboard and RPAX score screenshot
Moovila’s RPAX dashboard panel.

Uniting Projects with Resource Management

In a services organization, capacity management goes hand-in-hand with project and portfolio management. This pair of essential processes are often managed in separate platforms, resulting in redundant data entry and inefficient workflows. Moovila offers resource management and project and portfolio management in the same platform, bringing teams into the same platform to increase efficiency and improve communication.

Moovila Features Overview

To get an idea of how Moovila works, here’s a tour of the main features and how they can help you proactively manage risk to deliver on time and on budget.

A Work GPS

Moovila uses the same path-finding technology as navigation apps to help your organization optimize your route through the project roadmap. In addition to a traditional Gantt chart, you can manage projects using the Critical Path Engine, a user-friendly network diagram that shows the different paths through a project and any bottlenecks.

Most project management platforms don’t have network diagram visualizations, which limits the clarity they can provide in visualizing a project (especially for less-experienced PMs). The Critical Path Engine, especially when combined with the Intelligent Project Control toolkit, provides a clearer view of project status.

Automated Risk Management

screenshot of risk management and carmen AI coach for moovila
Get step-by-step risk remediation assistance from Carmen, your AI-powered PM coach.

Risk detection in project management has traditionally required immense time from project managers: excessive phone calls to project contributors, redundant team meetings, and painstaking data entry.

Moovila’s Intelligent Project Control feature automatically identifies risks so you can proactively mitigate costly delays.

  • For every project, Moovila continuously calculates the RPAX score, a clear and accurate measure of the risk inherent to your project’s structure, including hidden risks.
  • The Project Debugger points out those hidden risks so you can resolve them before any problems arise.
  • Carmen, the AI project management coach, helps users without extensive project management training learn PM best practices to up-skill your workforce and enhance every project.

Dashboards & Reports

Moovila Customizable Dashboards And Reporting Screenshot
Gain real-time insights through customizable dashboards and reporting.

Program managers and executives consistently struggle to understand the state of their portfolio. Weekly status meetings are filled with guesswork and inconsistent data, and most work management solutions don’t give you the ability to build governance into your company’s ecosystem.

Moovila’s dashboards and reports eliminate that guesswork. Because of Intelligent Project Control, you know that every project has been evaluated and debugged, and the data underneath your delivery projections is sound.

The RPAX score allows you to quickly see which projects are on track and which are at risk, and Moovila’s dashboards aggregate project and task data all the way up to the portfolio level to put essential information at your fingertips.

Time Tracking & PSA

Moovila Time Tracking Screenshot
Easily track time at the task and project level.

Moovila’s time clock supports automatic time tracking and manual time entry at the task or project level. This powerful yet user-friendly feature is essential for many project managers and contributors, especially in services organizations.

Beyond time tracking, project managers have to make critical business decisions based on the availability and capacity of resources. To support this need, Moovila uses your project plans to create accurate capacity forecasts from task-level data. This dashboard helps you make sure you’re not over-allocating your team so they can get work done on time.

Moovila includes resource management and project management functionality in one platform; otherwise, both PMs and project contributors have to work between two systems of record, wasting time with duplicate manual entry and separating essential decision-making data.

Moovila VS Smartsheet

Moovila differentiates from Smartsheet with two key features: the Critical Path Engine and Intelligent Project Control.

The Critical Path Engine is more than just a network diagram; it clearly shows the project’s critical path, highlights any delayed tasks, and shows the cascading impact of those delays throughout the project. Smartsheet does not have a network diagram in their platform, forcing you to rely on outdated project visualizations that don’t quickly surface the information you need.

Moovila’s AI-powered Intelligent Project Control feature suite scans your project plans for hidden risks with every change, automatically surfaces those risks, and helps you quickly resolve them. Smartsheet has no automated risk detection capabilities; their manual risk detection is inherently subjective and lacks consistent governance.

Moovila critical path engine screenshot
Moovila helps you immediately spot risk and quickly surface the information you need.


Moovila calendar view Screenshot
Automatically prioritize work via Smart Schedule's Outlook & Google Calendar integrations.

Moovila integrates with many popular products that PMs use every day, limiting the need to jump between multiple platforms by connecting all pertinent project data in one platform.

Moovila’s SmartSchedule engine utilizes Outlook and Google Calendar integrations to help you and your team know exactly what to work on. These suggestions are created based on both the items in your calendar and the tasks you haven’t completed; importantly, this same scheduling data is what feeds the aforementioned Capacity Forecasting, providing the most accurate picture of capacity possible.

In addition to these calendar platforms, Moovila integrates with popular document management platforms like Box & Dropbox, communications platforms like Microsoft Teams, and more. Salesforce and QuickBooks are the next integrations on the roadmap, and Moovila’s API and integration capabilities are also expanding.

Moovila Project Portfolio View Screenshot
Moovila’s project portfolio view

Wrap Up

Moovila’s work management and automation technology can help organizations drive their projects faster, smoother, and more efficiently. Moovila’s risk monitoring tools continuously analyze your portfolio to help project managers deliver on time and on budget.

If you’re ready for accurate ETAs and a clear path to delivery, sign up for a free demo here.

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By Mike Psenka

Mike Psenka is the Founder & CEO of Moovila, a transformational work management & automation platform. Psenka previously built and sold a successful business intelligence and analytics platform to Equifax in 2011. He left Equifax in 2015 to found Moovila and tackle a new problem: digitally transforming work management. He holds a bachelors in Engineering from Princeton University and lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife and four kids who he states are significant upgrades from the beta version.

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