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What Is JotForm Tables & How Does It Manage Project Data?

In this article, I’ll explain what JotForm Tables is, how it works, and who it’s for. I explain the benefits of the tool and walk you through what some of the main features do, with screenshots to help you get familiar with the tool.

A Little Background About JotForm Tables

Data management is one of those ubiquitous terms that has far-reaching implications, but at the end of the day, it’s crucial for virtually all successful businesses that operate online. Finding solutions that increase your team’s productivity and efficiency for projects can be the difference between success and failure. But with so many options out there, how do you choose?

Well, at JotForm, we set out to make the answer to that problem a little easier—especially when your data comes primarily from online forms.

JotForm is already an established online form builder with over 8 million users, but we wanted to be more than that for our users. So we developed and launched JotForm Tables, a tool designed to redefine how you manage your project data.

Our goal was to provide an all-in-one solution for data submission, organization, collaboration, and sharing. We saw a void and wanted to fill the space between data acquisition and project management. We’re confident we’ve succeeded in that vision, and I’m beyond excited to share the results with you.

What Is JotForm Tables?

JotForm Tables is a data management tool that populates information submitted through your online forms into an easy-to-read table (you can also populate a table by importing external data, adding it manually, or using one of our hundreds of premade templates).

JotForm Tables acts as a virtual project control center for your information, where you can organize, categorize, filter, sort, search, edit, import, export, and share your data at the click of a button. We designed this tool to work for you, no matter how you need to use your data. 

Jotform Tables Graphics
Collect and manage your data in one central location

Who Is JotForm Tables For?

JotForm Tables is for anyone who relies on online forms for data collection and needs an intuitive, hassle-free way to collate, view, and manage its workflow more effectively. Just open the tool and get to work! All you need is a JotForm account.

JotForm is trusted by users worldwide, including small businesses, nonprofits, educational and medical institutions, and large enterprises. So whether you need to manage registrations or inventory, create contact lists or attendance sheets, or track progress with real-time project status indicators, JotForm Tables has a solution for you. 

How JotForm Works & Its Benefits

Below I outline a few of the main ways people use JotForm Tables and the benefits that it offers.

1. Manage large quantities of submission data

If you collect substantial amounts of user information from online forms, whether, for registrations, surveys, financial transactions, medical records, etc., you’ll have a vast amount of data to sift through. 

JotForm Tables makes managing your form submission data simpler than ever before by integrating it into a user-friendly table interface. You’ll have at your disposal all the tools you’re used to in any full-featured spreadsheet and then some. 

Jotform Taskbar Screenshot
Organize your critical information and track progress

You’ll be able to sort, edit, compile, reorganize, and export your data within seconds. The table will automatically update as new submissions come in, and your data will always be there for quick reference and easy access. 

You can also implement progress trackers, calculation functions, rating scales, annotations, and much more to maximize what you get out of your project. 

2. Generate complete inventory/contact lists with a click of a button

One thing you probably need on a regular basis is a list compiled from your online form entries. Whether you’re working with a contact sheet, an attendance chart, an inventory request, or a catering order, being able to quickly collate and export a full list of specific information at the click of a button is a valuable time-saver for any business. 

With JotForm Tables, you can filter data sets by submission time range, keywords, quantities, and any other criteria you can think of. Then you can export that data via CSV, PDF, or Excel file in seconds. 

 3. Collect data and track progress simultaneously in real-time, in one place

Most data acquisition tools don’t function as project management tools. All too often, it’s one or the other — use one method to collect information for a project and another tool to track progress on that project. 

JotForm Tables was designed specifically to be your all-in-one project destination. It allows you to collect all the data you need for a project, then collaborates with others to track its status and check on its progress in real-time, all without ever leaving the site. All you have to do is click Share on your JotForm Tables page and you’ll be able to send a link or assign the form via email to anyone else in your organization. Then collaborate away! 

Jotform Share Screenshot
Share and collaborate with anyone in your organization

Additional JotForm Features

In addition to these general benefits, JotForm Tables also offers a number of specific features for project planning and collaboration, outlined in greater detail below:

Project planning features

  1. Progressive forms/surveys:

    When a user updates previously submitted data, the new data will be visible on the administrator’s side. New data updates in real-time.

  2. Data flexibility:

    Collect data beyond just the scope of alphanumerics.

    Screenshot of Data Flexibilty

  3. Filters:

    Filter your data to easily identify any trends or opportunities.

  4. Formulas:

    Use formulas to automate your workflow and transform your data. 

Screenshot of Jotform Formula

Collaboration features

  1. Access settings:

    Customize access settings to determine who has stakeholder status and assign tasks to specific individuals.

  2. Report, card, or calendar views:

    Customizable views allow you to peruse tasks at a high level, drill down into a specific entry, or reference a fully formed report complete with graphs and charts for key takeaways. 

  3. Invoice/time tracking:

    Easily manage collected payments. Track the amount of time your team spends completing different steps of a project. 

  4. Connect:

    Seamlessly connect the different tables and sources you are using to jump quickly into details across different tasks/projects. 

How To Get Started With JotForm Tables?

We’ve made getting started a pain-free process. Once you’ve signed up for a JotForm account, go to your My Forms page, click into the More dropdown menu from any of your forms, and select Submissions. You’ll enter JotForm Tables, where the tool will automatically bring up a familiar grid interface that enables you to interact with your submissions. 

From here, you can add information, link to other forms, add collaborators, or organize your data however you see fit. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination.    

Note: There is no additional charge to use JotForm Tables—it’s even included with JotForm’s basic (free) plan.


Often, the best tools are the simplest ones. We set out to make JotForm Tables as intuitive to use as possible while simplifying your workflow by keeping all your form submission data in one place. We also wanted to make it accessible; because JotForm Tables is free to use with any JotForm account, we’re confident this feature will become a game-changer for many users looking to get more value out of their data. 

Log onto JotForm and give JotForm Tables a try. You can also read more about it here.

More About The Company

JotForm is a robust online form builder that’s been around since 2006 with one mission in mind: Make it easy to create fully customizable, beautiful online forms and collect the important data you need to power your business, small or large. JotForm is continually creating new ways to transform your data, whether through internal tools such as JotForm Tables or through apps and integrations like Zoom, Stripe, and Google Calendar. With 10,000+ premade templates to choose from, whatever your online form needs, JotForm is here to help.

By Elliot Sprecher

I’m Elliott, a marketing communications manager at JotForm. I write, talk, and manage projects related to all things online forms on a daily basis. My background is a blend of advertising and tech, which gives me a unique perspective into the realm of project management—I’ve tried just about every digital tool on the market designed for it.

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