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Float Software Overview – Scheduling App & Planning Tool For Teams

What is Float software, and what does it do? This article gives you an overview of the Float tool—its main benefits, features, mobile apps, and free trials, along with screenshots showcasing the software’s clean, clutter-free interface.

Float logo - Tool Overview

Float Software At-A-Glance

Resource and project management have come a long way from the days of spreadsheets, but planning your team’s time effectively and scheduling multiple projects at scale can be tricky. For collaborative agencies and teams juggling lots of moving pieces, efficient resource scheduling software can pave the way for delivering your best work on projects.

Float is built from the ground up to help teams plan their time better. Float brings the best scheduling features together in one place so that your team is happier, more productive, and better organized.

Float Resource Scheduling For Teams
Float screenshot showing the project schedule.

Key Float Features

Float is your one-stop-shop for all your resource management needs. It offers simple click and drags task assignments, live updates, project budgets, the ability to schedule time off and public holidays, project milestones, a powerful search engine, robust reporting, and multiple views of your schedule – by project or team members.

A few standout features in this project scheduling software include:

  • Live schedule updates: see changes to your schedule in real-time, as they occur
  • Advanced schedule editing features that let you drag, drop, insert, replace, split, duplicate tasks, along with plenty of time-saving keyboard shortcuts (such as the ability to select and move multiple tasks at once)
  • Powerful search for filtering by virtually any variable (tag, department, client, project) and saving your searched segments for future use

Is There A Float App?

Yes. With the Float application for iOS, Android and Slack, you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest changes, no matter where you are.

Float Apps
Float mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Slack.

It’s simple enough for even the most novice users to pick up quickly, while offering all of the features you need to manage your team’s time.

Float Free Trial

During your trial, you’ll have complete access to all features and unfettered access to Float’s support teams who are more than happy to walk you through a product demo or answer any specific questions.

Getting started is quick and easy. You can upload real projects and people using the bulk import tool and start managing your team’s time in a matter of minutes. By leaving the account access field empty, you’ll be able to test Float out in sandbox mode before sending your team their invitations to join.

How To Use Float

How would you use the Float software in your agency or organization? Here some of the things you can do with this scheduling tool:

1.  Schedule Your Team Based On Real Capacity

With a live, shared schedule of who’s working on what, you can easily create and assign tasks on the go and be confident that you’ve planned your project based on your team’s real capacity.

To start scheduling, simply create a new project and  click anywhere on your schedule view to assign a task. Advanced right-click tools allow you to split, insert, or replace tasks in a matter of seconds, and you can set-up tasks to repeat weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

2. Choose How You View Your Schedule, To Make Changes On The Go

A variety of sorting options allow you to view your team by name, department, title, high and low availability, or a custom order of your choosing that will automatically remember that order whenever you log in.

Float Schedule Options
Float screenshot showing custom sorting by team member availability.

Plus with Float’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, your team can keep track of schedule changes in real-time, on the go.

3. Set Project Budgets And Forecast Deliverability

Every project manager knows the importance of delivering work on time and on budget, and Float’s project budgets feature can help you meet those demands. Want to allocate a specific number of hours to a project and assign tasks to your team as needed? Check. Need to set a total fee for a project that automatically keeps track of how much money you have remaining as tasks are added to the Schedule? Check. Feel like tracking your team’s hourly rates to ensure that you’re assigning them the right number of tasks and your projects don’t go over budget? Check.

The project summary page keeps track of how your projects are progressing as they’re being worked on, and allows you to complete a full budget audit once they are finished.

Float Project Summary
One of Float’s reporting features—the project summary showing the project budget over time.

4. Track Your Team’s Utilization With Powerful Reporting

Reports serve up the numbers for your team. Pick a date range to view billable and non-billable hours, and overall team utilization. Create custom reports by typing in project requests, or just click on a name below to see the details. Time off hours are prominently displayed in the graph and capacity chart at the top of the page, as well as next to each person’s numbers below.

Float Team Capacity
Easily export your detailed Float reports or download as CSVs.

Export your reports for record keeping or to work on the numbers outside of Float is easy with the Export to CSV option.

Why Use Float?

Float was founded back in 2012 after their founders had spent too many fruitless days and nights wandering through spreadsheet purgatory.

They continue to push for simplicity in every aspect, making the Float app easy and intuitive for any project manager to use. Since Float started, it’s been the leading choice for agencies and firms, helping thousands of teams like teams like Ogilvy, BuzzFeed and Deloitte schedule their time in more than 150 countries.

Try Float out today, completely free for 30 days.

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By Glenn Rogers

Glenn Rogers is the CEO and Co-founder of, the world’s leading resource scheduling app, trusted by teams including NASA, Vice, and RGA. With nearly 20 years of project management experience at agencies, publishers, and startups, today Glenn channels his knowledge into leading the Float team to deliver a best in class resource scheduling experience.

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