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5 Best Email Management Software For Inbox Management

Why use email management software? Because emails are a near essential part of the workday. They’re free, fast and instant, and the primary way we communicate internally and externally. They’ve become such a staple in the workplace that it’s estimated that there are up to 128.8 billion business emails sent per day. The average person even spends 28% of their day reading and answering emails, which comes out to about 2.6 hours per day.

Why do we spend so much time on email? For those of us in client-facing roles, monitoring requests, approvals and other client-related mail is essential to our job function. In those roles, checking email and promptly replying to requests is key. Plus, about 40% of people expect an email response within an hour, which means that people should be checking their inbox at least once an hour.

And while communicating via email is a valuable, constant alerts, messages, and increasing unread message count pulls us out of our work. So how can we ensure we’re spending more time getting work done and less time flipping through our inbox?

Here’s a few email management tools to help you save time and stay organized.

Email Management Software List

Hive – AI-based productivity tool that turns emails into action items

Hive screenshot

Hive is an AI-based productivity tool used by top teams at Starbucks, Uber and IBM. The tool has many great, efficiency-boosting features that you can learn more about here, but one of the most well-loved is the native email integration that brings your Gmail and Outlook inboxes into the Hive app itself. But don’t let that scare you—your inbox is only visible if you click on the “Inbox” dropdown, and the app has tons of other functionalities that decrease the amount of time you need to actually spend in your inbox.

One of the most helpful is the ability to turn an email chain into an action item or to-do with one click. This is great because it prevents you from having to sift through your inbox every time you go to check off an action item.

Hive also has a native chat and group chat function, which allows streamlined communication outside of your inbox. You can also completely customize your notifications hub, which allows you to control when and where you’re receiving pings about messages, due actions or emails.

Boomerang – Inbox add-on to schedule and automate emails

This app gives you the ability to delay and schedule email sends. Even though it is an in-email app, Boomerang lets you “set it and forget it”. This is a delayed send that lets you draft things like a thank you message right after the meeting and schedule it to send later. This prevents you from having to go back into your inbox the next day or set a reminder to send the message.

You can also automate follow-ups with Boomerang and increase the efficiency of your emails by scheduling them to send at peak times. This can also save time spent in your inbox — a perfectly timed follow-up is more likely to get a response than several ill-timed follow-ups.

Slack – Communication app for individuals, teams, and companies

Slack screenshot

Slack is riding high after the IPO heard around the world. This uber-popular chat app has over 10 million daily users, and has become an integral part of day-to-day office life.

Slack’s ability to limit time spent in your email inbox is pretty obvious—it allows you to communicate efficiently over chat. You can communicate on an individual, group and company level, without the formality of an email chain. Plus, Slack has been reported to reduce email usage by over 48%, so the data speaks for itself.

SaneBox – AI-based email organization tool for your inbox

SaneBox is an AI-based email organization tool ideal for unwieldy inboxes. With artificial intelligence, this tool automatically categorizes your emails into folders like “SaneLater,” email purgatory where SaneBox sends “inbox distractions”. There’s also the “SaneNews” category where it groups newsletters and mailing lists.

This tool saves time by reducing the time you spend categorizing your emails identifying pressing items that need attention. There’s also a folder called “SaneNoReplies,” which tracks emails without responses, so you remember to follow up.

VIP Inbox – Email management app for iPhone

VIP Inbox screenshot

Image via iMore

If you use the iPhone’s mail app, we’ve got an easy hack for you: the VIP inbox. Within Mail, you can define contacts as “VIP,” which filters important messages to a special VIP inbox. This helps cut through the clutter and hone in on the ones you actually need to answer.

Even better, there’s a VIP inbox notification setting. You can set notifications only for VIP contacts, which saves you from getting distracted every time you receive an unimportant message.

What’s Your Favorite Email Management Tool?

Try one, two, or three of these hacks and let us know how they worked in the comments. If you’ve got a favorite email management software that’s not on the list, share it below!

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