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Tool Overview: Celoxis—A Complete Project Management Solution

The project management software Celoxis provides a well-rounded solution to manage projects and teams, packed with powerful scheduling tools, ease of use, amazing features, and integrations with almost 300 other business tools.

In this overview, I’ll go over the main benefits of using Celoxis. I’ll talk about what types of teams use it, what features it offers, and some product basics like pricing and integrations. Read on to see how this tool can improve your project management, planning, tracking, collaboration, and more.

Celoxis logo - Tool Overview

Who Uses Celoxis, And Why?

Teams (of at least 5 people) use this software to view, manage and streamline their ongoing and upcoming projects, keep track of project progress, expenses, and budget, and create reports based on that information all under the same roof. It’s used by small and large teams across different domains like design, construction, manufacturing, and IT.

Basically, Celoxis helps streamline your business and get all the important information under one roof instead of having to switch tabs to get a grasp on how your projects are panning out.

Celoxis is one of the best project management tools out there if you’re looking for a complete management platform. For one thing, having a single unified tool like this one means increased adoption. Plus, the built-in integrations means increased insights. For example, with the JIRA integration, you can have a look at all the issues your testing team is working on and track their planned vs actual effort and overall progress. This means you do not have to change windows or programs to see what is happening across various platforms being used at the same time.

Celoxis’s Features And Capabilities

Celoxis packs a ton of useful features for project planning, tracking, accounting, team collaboration, reporting, portfolio management, workflow management, and more. In the following section, I break down a couple of Celoxis’ features, showing you what they look like and how they help you manage your projects.

Project Request Tracking

With Celoxis, you can collate your project requests from different sources in one place and sort requests based on your business KPIs. You are able to easily match the demands with capacity, and choose the projects that maximize your business value.

Some highlights of this feature:

  • Create from emails, forms or spreadsheets
  • Configurable ranking logic
  • Customizable fields, workflows and KPIs
Celoxis - Project Request Tracking

Project Planning Capabilities

Celoxis helps you make dynamic project plans that automatically adjust to changing real-world conditions using powerful planning and scheduling tools. Some highlights include:

  • Automatic scheduling
  • Inter-Project dependencies
  • Multiple resources per task

Resource Management with Celoxis

Easily allocate resources to tasks based on availability, skill and demand. This feature allows you to utilize your workforce optimally with real-time accurate charts that include things like:

  • Location-specific vacations, holidays and off-time
  • Superb capacity planning
  • Multiple shift support
Celoxis - Resource Management

Vacation time and shift tracking with Celoxis

Project Tracking

Using this PM software, you can address problems with milestones, tasks, and projects without leaving your dashboard. Automatic email alerts mean you are always able to stay on top of your projects. Here are a few examples of how Celoxis’ project tracking features:

  • RAG Health indicators help you stay updated.
  • Get easy insights with Critical Path Analysis
  • Baselines and EVAs provide information

Project Accounting

Celoxis gives you real-time visibility into budget spends, receivables, and profitability across projects and portfolios. A few things you can do with the project accounting features:

  • Track your projects and margins
  • Forecast revenue
  • Use custom KPIs to suit your needs
Celoxis - Project Accounting

Real-time visibility into spending, receivables, and profitability with custom KPIs

Portfolio Management

Celoxis’ functionality extends far beyond managing projects, offering a range of project portfolio management features as well.  gives you aggregated information about your projects with its fully customizable portfolio dashboards, allowing you to customize and track important portfolio KPIs with ease.

See below an example of the manager dashboard for portfolio management, where you can view task status, resources, various projects, revenue, costs, and margins laid out in charts and cards that present the key metrics in a readily understandable way.

Celoxis - Portfolio Management

Manager dashboard for portfolio management

Team-Client Collaboration

With Celoxis, you can share files and exchange comments with your clients as well using our free client portal. Clients can view project plans, upload documents, or even sign off on specific change requests, as it allows for more transparency. Some collaboration feature highlights:

  • Get files with version control
  • Participate in online discussions
  • Use mentions
  • Get updates in the notifications centre and activity stream
  • See schedules on the shareable calendar
  • Free client portals to collaborate with clients

Time and Expense

Celoxis also includes an integrated timesheet and expense module to track time, costs, and billing so you don’t have to manage these with a third-party app.

  • Multi-level approval workflow and task-timers
  • Automatic reminder emails
Celoxis - Time and Expense

Track tasks, billings, and costs with integrated timesheet and expense module

Reporting and Dashboards

Celoxis gives you 360-degree, real-time insights with powerful reports and dashboards. Some of our most popular reporting features include:

  • Reporting on custom fields
  • Custom drill down charts
  • Scheduled email delivery of reports.
Celoxis - Reporting and Dashboards

Get real time reports with Celoxis

Custom Workflow Apps

Switch over to Celoxis, and never look back at the conventional way of using email and spreadsheets. With custom routing rules, fields, escalations, time-outs, and a powerful engine for reporting, it is so much easier to automate your work processes.

Celoxis Integrations

Celoxis integrates seamlessly with a lot of day-to-day applications that modern teams use. The out-of-box integrations include the integration with MS Project, Excel, Google drive, Outlook, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and several other common business apps.

We also integrate with Zapier which allows you to connect with over 15000+ apps with just a quick clicks required for doing the mapping which then transfers data to and fro between the different apps.

Celoxis Pricing

Celoxis is available both SaaS and On-Premise, so you can select which mode of deployment best suits your needs. You can always go for a free trial for 30 days period, after which the SaaS costs $25 per user per month for a minimum of 5 users.

We also have a yearly and 2 yearly billing plan, which helps you lock in a lower price.

As for the On-Premise deployment, it costs a one-time payment of $450 per user for at least 5 users.

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