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5 Project Management Lessons Learned from 2018

By 11/12/2018 April 8th, 2019 No Comments

As we often do late in the year, I took time to reflect on project lessons I’ve learned in the past year.  Here’s what I found:

The year 2018 was filled with so many things that were...not great?  Terrifying?  Soul-crushing?  It’s hard to find the right words.  Where often I am looking to the news of the world to save me from my work woes, in 2018, I looked to work to save me from the world’s woes. But there were bright spots!

Reflections And Lessons Learned From 2018
In this post, I tu...

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Patrice Embry

Patrice Embry

I'm Patrice Embry, a freelance digital project manager and Certified ScrumMaster. After 18 years in the field, I've been fortunate to work for agencies, corporations, and everything in between. My clients have spanned far and wide across verticals - pharmaceutical, finance, construction, ecommerce, race cars, you name it. My client roster includes Exxon Mobile, Merck, Granite Construction, Edwards Lifesciences, GS1 Global, and many more. I've worked on large scale websites, mobile apps, CRM and CMS systems, even print! I'm passionate about project management philosophy - it shapes what I do every day. My website is, and you can find me on Twitter @patrice108.