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Project kick off meeting checklist – a great tool for project kick-off meetings [infographic]

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Check out this project kick off meeting checklist infographic from Nutcache which helps to shed some light on what a project kickoff meeting checklist could look like on your next project.

A successful project kick-off meeting can contribute enormously to the success of the project itself. So organizing a project kickoff meeting properly takes a lot of preparation – especially if the outcome is to be a positive one. It begins with starting the project right by getting the client on-side to ensure you give the project the best chance of success. The preparation has to include an  internal project-kick off meeting with your internal team. And then finally, it’s time for the project kick off meeting.

How-to guides for project kick off meetings

We’ve pulled together handy how-to guides, including kickoff meeting agenda, to help you prepare for a successful project kick off meeting which includes:

A project kickoff meeting, is typically the first meeting that officially signifies the launch of the project and in attendance would be the project manager and members of the project team, senior management, the client and all stakeholders in the project. It takes place when contracts or a statement of work is signed, and is the

Project kick off meeting checklist

The project kickoff meeting is an opportunity for participants to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what it would take to successfully complete the project
  • Foster good working relationships amongst themselves
  • Anticipate hurdles that may affect the success of the project
  • Get clarity on policies as well as technical and legal requirements
  • Gain the necessary approvals for certain components of the project
  • Get clarity on what their role and how it affects the project

How to use a project kick-off meeting checklist

In order to remain organized, a project kickoff meeting checklist is always a handy thing to have to ensure that you’ve got everything covered off well in advance of the project kick-off meeting. In planning for the meeting, the project manager would want to take note of who to invite for the meeting as well as an agenda for the meeting. The project managers should also ensure that copies of the project plan, budget and schedule are disseminated alongside the email invite to participants at least three days to when the meeting is expected to take place. This ensures that all participants have adequate time to study the documents and prepare their questions.

Find the original post on Nutcache:

A Simple But Effective Project Kickoff Checklist

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