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monday.com vs. Mavenlink explained: Similarities, differences and find out which is best for you

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monday.com and Mavenlink are project management software that your company might find helpful if you want to increase your company’s efficiency through improved communication and resource management. Although the two software are similar, they have stark differences that might make one software preferable. In this article, I will provide you with information on the similarities and differences between the two and critical features that make each software stand out.

My goal is to provide you with the essential information you need to choose which between monday.com and Mavenlink is the perfect fit for your company’s needs.

monday.com vs Mavenlink Overview

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Expert Summary: Monday.com VS Mavenlink

monday.com is a web and mobile project management platform that can help companies by providing them with a means of tracking projects and workflows. It supports integration with other productivity apps such as Asana, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Slack to enhance collaboration among project members.

Mavenlink allows users to combine task management, resource management, and professional services automation with improving workflow. It aims to help enhance workplace efficiency by allowing users to access multiple systems using just one software quickly.

Mavenlink and monday.com both have customizable templates that users can use to suit any project they want to launch. In addition, both of them allow users to keep track of their progress with the help of a timeline view or Gantt chart to ensure that they can complete projects on time. monday.com and Mavenlink both have Kanban boards and time and expense tracking capabilities to help ensure efficient allocation of resources to keep a project within budget.

monday.com is suitable for an agency, a small business, or a company with remote workers because it makes monitoring and collaboration easier with its communications and data visualization capabilities.

Because of its time-tracking and resource management capabilities, Mavenlink is best suited for companies with a large workforce that handles multiple projects at once.

Side by Side Comparison Of monday.com and Mavenlink

screenshot of monday.com project dashboard

Leverage crystal-clear visuals to outline processes and timeframes for your team.

monday.com is a project management software that allows users to create customizable workflows to easily manage projects and processes within a team, across departments, or between different organizations. In addition, you can use monday.com to share documents and communicate in real-time with project members across different time zones. The software also allows third-party integrations, allowing you to sync up with programs such as Basecamp, Trello, Microsoft Azure, or Microsoft Outlook.

monday.com offers a free trial for up to 2 users.

Price: Starts from $10/user/month
Trial: 14-day free trial

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Screenshot Of Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a resource management software that also acts as a collaboration tool, time tracker, and task management platform so users can manage their projects while maximizing the use of their workforce and resources. Mavenlink provides users with a central interface to prioritize tasks, monitor financials, and track activities for successful project completion and analysis. Mavenlink integrates with other applications such as Slack, HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, Google Drive, JIRA, and Quickbooks for a broader scope of capabilities.

Mavenlink offers a slightly-hard-to-find freemium tier with unlimited projects, unlimited collaborators, and 500MB of storage space.

Price: Costs from $19/user/month
Trial: 14-day free trial

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Monday.com vs Mavenlink Comparison Criteria

In comparing Mavenlink and monday.com, I used the criteria below to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

Feature list

What do you get, and what do you not get?

Use cases

What are the most effective use cases for this feature set?

Ease of use

Is it easy to learn and master?


Is it easy to connect with other tools?

Customer support

Can you get help easily and quickly?

How appropriate is the price for the tool?

Differences Between monday.com and Mavenlink

monday.com has performance monitoring capabilities so companies can keep track of the productivity of each team member; Mavenlink does not.

monday.com has SEO management integrated so users can come up with optimized content across the web; Mavenlink would require a 3rd-party integration for this functionality.

monday.com has offline time-tracking capabilities so team members can manually log in time when they are not at their desks but performing official tasks; Mavenlink doesn’t have this feature.

monday.com uses a two-factor authentication that also requires a code sent via a text message to deter unauthorized access to an account; Mavenlink uses a conventional email address and password log-in system.

monday.com allows for desktop push notifications to send alerts to users; Mavenlink sticks to email in-app notification options.

monday.com has a social media management system allowing users to manage social accounts within the software; with Mavenlink, you can manage social media accounts on a different program.

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Mavenlink’s free subscription plan might be hard to find but once you locate it (see link above) you’ll notice that it boasts unlimited team members, unlike monday.com whose freemium version caps you at 2 seats.

Mavenlink allows milestone tracking when team members complete major deliverables, while monday.com tracks project completion.

Mavenlink allows multiple billing rates to pay employees rates on a per-project basis, while monday.com only allows a single billing rate per employee.

Mavenlink’s enterprise plan comes with 1TB of storage built-in, whereas monday.com’s highest paid plan only allows for 1000GB (without paid expansion).

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Similarities Between monday.com and Mavenlink

Both monday.com and Mavenlink have cost-to-completion or budgeting capabilities to ensure that projects stay within budget and identify project stages that exceed the allotted budget.

Both monday.com and Mavenlink can be used on iPhone or Android mobile devices; monday.com has both an iOS and Android app and Mavenlink has a mobile-optimized website.

Both monday.com and Mavenlink allow customization of templates so users can build templates unique for each project.

Both monday.com and Mavenlink have project portfolio management functionality so users can analyze the feasibility of a project.

Both monday.com and Mavenlink have billing and invoicing capabilities similar to standalone accounting software.

Both monday.com and Mavenlink have a knowledge base that includes FAQs to guide users on using the software easily.

Both monday.com and Mavenlink have reporting/analytics functionality so users can quickly come up with reports using data from the available business intelligence.

Both monday.com and Mavenlink allow custom workspaces to make file sharing and project planning on sensitive projects easier.

Both project management tools have a dependency-tracking functionality so companies can easily identify risks within teams or across departments and organizations.

Both monday.com and Mavenlink provide 24/7 live support and phone support so users can receive immediate assistance in case of software issues and avoid costly work interruptions.

Best Use Cases for monday.com vs Mavenlink

Best monday.com Use Cases

Project Management

Use Monday.com task management and timelines for a simple project management solution.


Use Monday.com to build sophisticated, customizable dashboards that measure your campaign results.

CRM and Sales

Use Monday.com for contact management, lead capturing, and customizable forms for customer support queries

Remote Work

Monday.com boasts features for remote collaboration and teamwork such as socially engaging messaging systems and a built-in inbox.

Agile Software Development

Monday.com offers solutions for iteration planning, product roadmaps, and bug tracking.


Use Monday.com to jumpstart creative projects with templates for video products, editorial content, and marketing.


Use Monday.com’s Gantt charts and timelines to give users a big picture view of any construction project.


Use Monday.com’s table view to plan new hire onboarding, professional development, and employee evaluations.


Monday.com’s real-time dashboards can track open tickets, IT orders, client payments, and agent time logs.
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Use Mavenlink to increase productivity in environments that are scaling.

Creative agencies

Use Mavenlink to improve project planning capabilities and multi-project pipelines.


Use Mavenlink to cut down administration time by logging timesheets and data automatically.

Team collaboration

Use Mavenlink to work on simultaneous projects easily within one dashboard.

Project accounting

Use Mavenlink to combine Professional Services Management needs with internal accounting tools.

Business intelligence

Use Mavenlink’s automation tools to build reports and access real-time data.

Creative Teams

Use Wrike to organize creative requests, visualize your workload, clarify feedback, and publish assets with ease.

Marketing Teams

Use Wrike to optimize digital ROI with instant insights into up to 50 channels including all popular social platforms.

IT Teams

Use Wrike to build custom request forms for all IT ticket requests that can be set-up to automatically turn data into tasks.
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monday.com vs Mavenlink Feature Comparison

monday.com vs Mavenlink Pricing Comparison

This side-by-side price comparison shows monday.com’s price compared to Mavenlink, along with a comprehensive list of what each pricing tier offers.

monday.com Pricing

monday.com Pricing

monday.com pricing model, including their free plan and limitations.

Mavenlink Pricing

Mavenlink Pricing Screenshot

Mavenlink offers customized pricing upon request and interested parties should contact them directly for details.

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Monday.com and Mavenlik are both worthy contenders for project and resource management SaaS tools. Monday.com tends to be easier to use and has a friendlier price point for SMBs. Mavenlink is reliable and robust, making it great for larger enterprises. Which one will you choose? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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