monday.com vs Hive Compared in an Objective Review

monday.com vs. Hive explained: Similarities, differences and find out which is best for you

Monday.Com Vs Hive Comparison


If you are looking for project management software for your company, you might have heard about monday.com and Hive. In this article, I will tell you about the similarities and differences between these two software. I will also give you an insight into their best uses to check which one is the best fit for your company.

My goal is to provide you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision between monday.com and Hive.

monday.com vs. Hive Overview

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Expert Summary: monday.com vs Hive

monday.com is a project management software that is best for companies wanting to improve their management capabilities because it allows users to automate tasks to concentrate on other important matters that require their attention.

Hive is a task management tool that is best for companies that want a centralized program where team members can collaborate and communicate to complete tasks and projects successfully.

Both Hive and monday.com use methodologies like agile or scrum so companies can plan projects and come up with roadmaps that can help companies grow by leveraging their strengths. In addition, both Hive and monday.com allow integration of other work management tools and programs such as Asana, Trello, Wrike, Google Drive or Basecamp. Finally, both Hive and monday.com have time-tracking capabilities to ensure team members complete tasks on time and get paid for their efforts.

Side by Side Comparison Of monday.com and Hive


Leverage crystal-clear visuals to outline processes and timeframes for your team.

monday.com is a work operating system that companies can use for time-tracking, workflow management, resource management, and business processes automation to improve efficiency and productivity. Users can run the software through their office PCs running on Mac OS or Windows and even on their iPhones or Android mobile devices, so they attend to urgent matters even when they’re outside the office. monday.com supports integrating crucial third-party applications and programs vital to a company’s operations, including HubSpot CRM, Slack, Asana, Jira, DropBox, Trello, and Basecamp.

Price: Basic Plan costs $8/per user/per month
Trial: Free 14-day trial and a Free Individual Plan without expiration

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Hive Collaboration Screenshot

Update teammates on tasks and notify them of changes by @mentioning them in the comment section of tasks.

Hive is a productivity platform that allows users to manage projects, centralize team communications, and improve team collaboration to increase productivity and improve efficiency. Like other similar software such as Asana or Smartsheet, users can use Hive to enhance workflow management, resulting in maximized resources and manpower. Hive is a project management tool available to a wide range of companies, from small businesses to large corporations. In addition, users can integrate other vital third-party applications and programs to Hive, including Slack, Asana, Trello, Wrike, GitHub, and a host of other valuable programs.

Price: $10/per user/per month
Trial: 14-day Free Trial and Free Version

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monday.com vs Hive Comparison Criteria

In comparing monday.com and Hive, there are some factors that I looked into to come up with a detailed comparison. Here are the things that I looked for:

Feature list

What do you get, and what do you not get?

Use cases

What are the most effective use cases for this feature set?

Ease of use

Is it easy to learn and master?


Is it easy to connect with other tools?

Customer support

Can you get help easily and quickly?


How appropriate is the price for the tool?

Differences Between monday.com and Hive

monday.com is an open API system so users can develop custom connections that they can integrate with their third-party program, while Hive only allows native integrations or through Zapier.

monday.com includes social media integration, management, and monitoring, making it ideal for marketing and advertising companies and companies that want to gain exposure with the help of social media; Hive doesn’t have this feature.

Unlike Hive, monday.com is capable of workflow automation which can help ease users’ workload so they can concentrate on other essential tasks that need immediate attention.

monday.com only supports one level of a subtask, but Hive allows users to create multiple levels of subtasks.

Unlike Hive, Monday.com offers features that retail companies can benefit from, such as sales monitoring and forecasting.

Monday.com has a project portfolio management template that allows users to update, proof, maintain, and share vital portfolio information when needed, while Hive only has a portfolio view feature.

Based on user reviews, monday.com has a more dynamic yet confusing user interface than Hive. Although the complicated interface takes time to master, the many valuable features are beneficial to users.

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Hive offers a more affordable pricing plan than monday.com, with monday.com’s Basic Plan costing more than Hive’s Professional Plan.

Hive offers a more flexible pricing plan because users can add one additional user at a time, while with monday.com, users need to pay for a set number of seats even if they won’t be using all of them.

Hive has a native chat and e-mail integration, while with monday.com, users need to integrate Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Zoom, or other communication apps to improve team collaboration and communication.

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Similarities Between monday.com vs. Hive

Aside from being available on computers that run on Mac OS and Windows, both Hive and monday.com have mobile apps that work on iOS and Android mobile devices, so users can benefit from these project management tools even when they’re away from their PCs.

Both Hive and monday.com allow users to utilize whatever project planning method they prefer, so their productivity won’t get hampered by a learning curve.

Monday.com and Hive both use Kanban Boards and Gantt Charts so users can effortlessly understand their progress with the help of helpful visual aids.

Both monday.com and Hive provide users with 24/7 customer support via a live representative. Users can also get assistance through phone support or via e-mail.

As a resource management tool, both monday.com and Hive can help track dependencies which can help improve work management and promote accountability.

Both monday.com and Hive have a Knowledge Base that customers can use to familiarize themselves with features so they can maximize the full potential of each project management software.

Hive and monday.com both use Agile Methodology as a collaboration tool so team members can work as one organization in developing solutions to any issue that arises.

Hive and monday.com both have KPI monitoring tools so leaders can keep track of the performance of team members and program metrics and provide reinforcement if needed.

Both Hive and monday.com allow the creation and customization of a workspace with file-sharing functionality so team members can work in a secure and private area.

Both Hive and monday.com provide users with a means of communicating with other team members via a messaging tool, e-mail, or video conferencing to stay updated about essential matters.

Best Use Cases for Wrike vs Monday.com

Best monday.com Use Cases

Project Management

Use Monday.com task management and timelines for a simple project management solution.

Client Management

Use Wrike for adept client management and professional services with collaborative planning tools, full project visibility, and automated approvals.

Remote Work

Use Wrike to organize a remote workforce with in-browser and smartphone app access for a go-anywhere digital workspace.

Business Process Management

Use Wrike to create customizable, sharable dashboards that enable team leads to monitor and improve processes.

Event Planning

Use Wrike to visualize your event checklist and keep the whole team’s calendars automatically insync.

Product Roadmap

Use Wrike to visualize each roadmap stage using easy-to-build Gantt charts that highlight project launch priorities.

Creative Teams

Use Wrike to organize creative requests, visualize your workload, clarify feedback, and publish assets with ease.

Marketing Teams

Use Wrike to optimize digital ROI with instant insights into up to 50 channels including all popular social platforms.

IT Teams

Use Wrike to build custom request forms for all IT ticket requests that can be set-up to automatically turn data into tasks.
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Best Hive Use Cases

Remote work

Use Hive to stay productive and collaborate with your team no matter where you are.

Operations management

Use Hive to collect information, build resource management templates, and automate workflow processes.

Creative agencies

Use Hive to prep project pitches, approve assets and make it easier to communicate with clients.

Startup companies

Use Hive to organize new projects, navigate your backlog, and easily scale once the company starts growing.


Use Hive to manage projects and assign tasks associated with creative and technical marketing campaigns.


Nonprofits and NGOs can contact Hive for pricing discounts that better suit limited budgets.
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monday.com vs. Hive Feature Comparison

monday.com vs. Hive Pricing Comparison

This side-by-side price comparison shows monday.com’s price compared to Hive.

monday.com Pricing

monday.com Pricing

monday.com pricing model, including their free plan and limitations.

Hive Pricing

Hive Pricing Plan Screenshot

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monday.com and Hive are both project management software worthy of consideration for creative teams and agencies. monday.com has great enterprise-grade features with flexibility and scalability in mind. Hive prioritizes collaboration and communication in-app so that you don’t need to employ as many digital tools in your tech stack. Which one will you choose? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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