We are the playbook makers.

We’re a supportive community leading change in digital project management—we make projects happen, one learning at a time, and we help each other when we get stuck.

Come make (and break) the rules with us.

community of Digital Project Managers

Connect with a community of people leading change in digital projects and co-writing the playbook for digital PM.

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Connect & get community support in our DPM Forum

  • Ask questions, get answers.
  • Connect with others who get what you do.
  • Easy access to jobs, tools, and resources.

The DPM community has helped me a lot. I chat with other PMs to get ideas and to discuss problems and new things to try and experiment.

Photo of Demerson Neves
Demerson Neves

Scrum Master at Lululemon

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Boost your career with Masterminds

  • Fresh insights on your projects & process
  • Powerful project and career accountability
  • Peer mentorship to tackle your big challenges

Being a part of the mastermind calls and being a part of that smaller cohort of project managers that meet at regular intervals to share best practices, share experiences—it’s been very meaningful. My colleagues are extremely knowledgeable but also super approachable.

Photo of Farhan Quasem
Farhan Quasem

Project Manager at Valamis

digital project management workshops and webinars

Master your project skills with Monthly Mini Courses

  • Simple ‘how-to’ guidance for tricky topics.
  • Powerful results with actionable takeaways.
  • Amazing, simple to use, templates & samples.

Ben is an incredibly well-spoken teacher. He’s always activating my attention. He doesn’t make the mini courses boring or super long.

Photo of America Turner
America Turner

Project Manager at DoubleUp

Sprint Planning Template Screenshot
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Take control of your projects with Samples & Templates

  • Save time with instant access to 75+ useful resources.
  • Easy to use, edit and repurpose for your needs.
  • Everything you need to properly manage projects.

There are several templates that have been very beneficial. I tweaked them for my own needs, but to have that framework already there for you has been a HUGE benefit to help me speed up and get some smooth processes in place.

Photo of Anabeth Wilson
Anabeth Wilson

Project Manager at Inbound Design Studio

Office Hours Screenshot

Tame your project chaos with Live Mentorship

  • Quick access to expert advice.
  • Project and career support from experienced PMs.
  • Useful feedback to get you back on track.

Live Mentorship sessions save you time in reaching an understanding about something that would otherwise take hours of Googling and reading.

Mathisha Nihalsingha

Project Manager at The LAD

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Get Set For Success With Expert AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions

  • Be in the know with current topics from leading experts.
  • Valuable insights & feedback to solve your roadblocks.
  • Leverage lessons learned to advance your career.

The AMA sessions are an enjoyable hour of deep-dive into the experience of each guest. Ben keeps the sessions focused and ensures everyone’s questions are thoroughly explored.

Wes Knight Headshot
Wes Knight

Technical Project Manager & Cofounder at SeeKindness

Learn best practice
with DPM Ebooks

  • Get instant access to a library of e-books that you can download anytime.
  • Learn how to master key parts of the DPM role.
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Boost your online resume with a DPM membership badge

  • Add a DPM Member badge to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Gain recognition from colleagues and peers.
  • Show off your initiative and commitment to your career development.

Who Are We?

The words “project” and “manager” don’t have to be in your job title at all—Membership is a supportive space for anyone who manages projects in the digital industry. We are:

  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Directors
  • Digital Producers
  • Account Managers
  • Agency Owners
  • Office Managers
  • Strategists
  • Editors
  • Digital Marketers
  • Web Developers
  • Heads of PM
  • IT Leads
  • Operations and PM Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Associate Producers
  • Customer Success Specialists

DPM membership is a no brainer for anybody who is running projects. Whoever out there thinks that they stand to benefit from learning best practices just to work in today’s interconnected digital world in a more efficient way—a more productive way—should consider membership.

Photo of Farhan Quasem
Farhan Quasem

Project Manager at Valamis

The more you put into it, the more benefit you receive. Membership would be beneficial for someone looking to expand not only their hard skills as a PM but also their soft skills, which is obviously extremely important as a PM. Anyone, can learn the hard skills but the soft skills definitely take a bit more work.

Photo of Anabeth Wilson
Anabeth Wilson

Project Manager at Inbound Design Studio


Get practical resources and community support

Access to DPM Forum
Mini Courses (live and on-demand)
60+ Templates & Samples
Live Mentorship
DPM Masterminds

DPM Membership

$ 180 $ 150 USD / year

Only $ 2.88 USD per week!


How is this different from the PMI or other professional memberships?

DPM Membership is not a simple badge, certification program, or professional association to fill up your bio—it’s an interactive community that delivers a curated supply of highly applicable resources and discussions every month.

You’ll find resources like mini courses, ebooks, and templates to apply to your projects, and you’ll also get the chance to participate in regular activities like Mentorship and Masterminds with a network of digital project folks who are collaborating, sharing best practice, and mentoring one another.

The main focus of DPM Membership is the community—we provide a platform for Members to own the space and the discussion around digital project management. It is a dynamic, evolving space where you are empowered to give shape to the group and to the future of DPM.

What's the difference between DPM Membership and the DPM School?

DPM Membership is a project management supergroup — it connects project managers with their peers and digital delivery experts to set the new standard for how digital project management should be done. Our members solve challenges, innovate and drive change in the project management field while sharing knowledge and insights with each other along the way.

In contrast, the DPM School is built around a guided 7-week course that teaches students how to do digital project management. Each week features a video lesson and a panel discussion. The course also includes graded assignments, group discussions, weekly office hours, and opportunities for one-on-one coaching.

Check out our article about the differences and benefits of DPM Membership and the DPM School to learn more.

What happens when I become a Member?

The DPM team uncorks a bottle of champagne!

No, but truly, everyone on our team gets really freakin’ excited every time someone becomes part of this community.

But in all seriousness, when you become a Member, the first thing that happens is you’ll receive a series of onboarding emails to help you start taking advantage of Membership resources at a do-able pace.

You’ll start by learning about Membership and creating a Member profile on the site, with access to the Member’s Area. The Member’s Area is where you’ll find all of your resources in one place: the forum, monthly mini courses (live and on-demand), Live Mentorship sessions, Ask-Me-Anything sessions, Mastermind groups, ebooks, and an ever-growing template library with samples, checklists, and templates for your projects.

You’ll be introduced to these resources little by little so you have time to get comfortable with the new space.

Are there group discounts?

Yes! We are happy to offer special rates to groups who’d like to join together.

Our group rates are 30% off for up to 5 members, 35% off for up to 10 members, and 40% off for up to 15 members. To sign up a group visit https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/corporate-pro-membership/.

What's a typical month for Members like?

You can be as involved as you like. There’s no firm requirement for participation, but we encourage you to dig in and get your hands dirty!

Every month, you’ll:

  • receive the Members Monthly so you can plan ahead to take advantage of upcoming events, training, etc.
  • have the opportunity to attend a live Mini Course (different topic every month)
  • get access to new downloads, samples, checklist, and any other handouts from the Mini Course
  • have the chance to attend a Live Mentorship session to get mentored by DPM experts
  • have the change to attend a topic-specific AMA session to gain insights to solve your roadblocks

And beyond the scheduled monthly events, you’ll have access anytime to:

  • the online Forum —make this space your own!
  • peer mentorship Masterminds (for annual Members)
  • the library of templates, filled-in samples, checklists, etc
  • downloadable ebooks
  • on-demand videos of previous Mini Courses you can watch anytime

*New templates and ebooks are always in the works, being added and upgraded on an ongoing basis. Usually a handful of new ones each month.

What types of templates can I access?

Here’s a list of some of our most popular templates that you can download and edit anytime. They are mostly .docx and xlsx files, with a few .mpp and .xml files as well. You’ll also get access to filled-out samples that accompany the customizable templates—these examples can help you understand what to write in each section when you use them in your projects.

  • Agency Briefing Template Guide
  • Statement of Work (SoW)
  • Project Functional Requirements
  • Project Initiation Document
  • Internal Kick-off Meeting Agenda
  • Client Kick-off Meeting Agenda
  • Project Brief
  • RACI
  • Project Charter
  • Communications Plan
  • RAID (Risks Assumptions Issues Dependencies) Log

We add a couple of items to the template library each month—and we encourage you to get in touch if you’ve got a template, checklist, or sample you think other DPMs would find useful. We can help polish it up and get it out there for other people to use.

What are the Mini Courses like?

Mini Courses are online, expert-led and interactive video conferences that last about an hour. Every month, a DPM expert from the community focuses in on a specific topic and breaks it down using examples, with a Q&A at the end.

Mini Courses include detailed how-to that teach you how to do a specific part of the DPM role. For example:

  • Requirements Gathering & Documentation Mini Courses
  • How To Build A More Data-Driven Agency
  • How To Lead An Effective Project Kickoff

Each Mini Courses includes handouts you can use to quickly apply the lessons to your real projects.

When joining the Mini Courses live, you’ll be able to ask questions and get answers. If you miss it, no problem! You can always watch on-demand whenever you like. Feel free to bring your questions to Live Mentorship sessions afterwards as well.

Where do I find Membership resources?

All resources for Members are here on The Digital Project Manager site. You’ll find them in Member’s Area.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay with any major credit card (Mastercard Visa, Discover, AmEx).

Can I cancel?

No problem. You can cancel your membership at any time. When you cancel your subscription, you’ll retain access to your Membership content until the end of your billing cycle.

So, if you cancel mid-year, your Membership won’t expire until the end of the year within which you subscribed.

Do you give refunds?

Given that this is a subscription that delivers ongoing value, it is our general policy to not offer partial or full refunds for payments.

Please be aware, if you decide to cancel your Membership midway through the term, your Membership will remain active until your billing cycle comes to an end (this means it doesn’t expire until the end of your one-year billing period).

Any Questions?

We’re happy to answer! Please send us a message: