Monthly Live Mentorship

A supportive, friendly space to get group mentorship.

Next Live Mentorship Session

July 22nd

12pm EST / 4pm GMT

Upcoming Live Mentorship Sessions

August 26th – 1pm EST / 6pm GMT

What Is Live Mentorship All About?

Looking for great PM hacks and tips? Wanting advice on your current project challenges? Has your career growth plateaued? Come with your questions and work out your challenges with one of our DPM mentors.

Live Mentorship happens every month and is in the format of a group conference video call. It’s a chance for you to get personalized advice and insights from experienced PMs, and ultimately, it’s an opportunity for you to grow.

What does Live Mentorship entail?

  • get insight on current project challenges from your DPM mentor
  • ask questions about PM best practice, lessons learned, and career path
  • discuss hot topics with other DPM movers and shakers

Please try to sign up in advance so we’ve got a headcount. That said, you don’t have to stay the whole hour—you can show up and leave anytime during the Live Mentorship session.

Overall, think of our Live Mentorship as a supportive, grassroots-style environment where you can bring questions and weigh in on the latest in the DPM world.

What video conferencing app do we use?

We use BigMarker. Give yourself a few extra minutes before the Live Mentorship session starts to enter the video call if it’s your first time using it.

How do I make sure we get to my question?

2 tips to make sure we get to your question:

  1. The video conferencing platform we use for Live Mentorship has the option to submit a question using the Q&A feature. Please use this feature—it makes it simpler to account for all of the questions without having to interrupt the current conversation.
  2. If you plan to attend a Live Mentorship session, make sure you sign up in advance. This means we can be more prepared to manage our time well and get to everyone’s questions.

If I show up, can other attendees see and hear me?

When you join the Live Mentorship video conference, you can choose to keep yourself on mute and disable your video. However, we’re more than happy to see your smiling face and we encourage you to enable your video to cultivate a more friendly, natural environment.

In order to make sure we’re not talking over each other when there are a lot of people in the video call, we’ll keep the majority of attendees on mute and enable their audio when they want to ask a question or comment on something.