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Say Hello In Our New Forum

Join the discussion in our new DPM Forum

We are excited to announce we’re launching a new DPM Forum this month.

The new forum will enable our DPM Pro Members to dive deeper into the questions and topics that matter. The forum is for project managers, and people leading and managing projects, whatever your job title may be.

A screenshot of the DPM Forum introductions channel

Introduce yourself in the #Introductions channel!

What’s the new forum all about?

The DPM Forum will serve the needs of this community better. With threaded topics, 1-on-1 direct messaging, and member profiles, you’ll find our new forum a better tool to contribute and find the information you need.

The forum will make it easy to have multiple discussions at the same time (in different threads as well as continue discussions over any period of time.

A screenshot of the DPM Forum general channel

Over time, the Member’s forum will become a searchable treasure trove of best practice and information. What’s more, the forum integrates with our Digital Project Manager website, so we can continue discussions directly from the content.

A screenshot of a thread in the DPM forum

By launching our DPM Forum, we are also bringing together our community and our library of project management resources to create the ultimate platform to promote community connection, discussion, personal growth, and skill development.

What’s changing?

As we launch our forum, we will also be saying goodbye to our free Starter Membership. Instead, we’re offering annual and monthly DPM Pro Membership where you can get access to all our resources including the new forum.

You’ll also see the conversation in Slack transitioning instead to the new forum.

The resources we offer have proven to be significant in helping our members grow and develop as project managers, and we don’t want anyone to miss out! We have an amazingly supportive community of PMs and we want to equip our members with the best tools for success and growth on their journeys. We’d love you to continue being part of our community.

Why is it changing?

Since 2017, our Slack community has grown to nearly 4,000 members and shared more than 65,000 messages. It’s been great but most of that knowledge and information disappears as the conversation moves on. We’re contributing asynchronously, and not really using Slack as the real-time(ish) communication tool it was designed to be.

On Slack, discussions can get interwoven when there are multiple conversations happening at the same time. This makes them difficult to follow at best, but also puts a cap on the number of topics that can be discussed at any one time.

Slack is excellent for instant chats and conversations, but not great for long-lived conversations that can be helpful to refer to at a later point. As we analysed how people used Slack, we noticed that the same questions and conversations appear time and time again. But there was no easy way to reference or access those old conversations.

In short, we realized that a forum was much better suited to everyone’s needs.

What do you need to know?

So… what do you need to know about the Member’s Forum?

  1. You’re going to love it—we already do!
  2. Its easy-to-use design allows you to quickly find past discussions on the most relevant topics—no more scrolling through old posts looking for answers.
  3. Since everyone will have the same access to content, we’ll be able to share valuable resources related to your questions without you running into a paywall of restricted content.

What’s next?

If you haven’t already, start your growth journey by registering for DPM Pro Membership and get immediate access to the Member’s Forum and all other DPM resources!

Once you’re set up as a DPM Pro Member, head over to the DPM Forum, create your profile, upload your photo, and introduce yourself to our amazing community! We love getting to know our community members, so let us know where you’re from, and tell us about your current role, your goals, why you’re here, and what the biggest challenges are that you face as a DPM.

Screenshot of a profile setup in DPM Forum

Now you’re ready to start posting questions and searching through existing discussion threads.

We want you to get the most out of your membership journey with us, and we have lots of other great resources to help! Every month we offer expert-led Workshops, AMAs, and Live Mentorship sessions. Head over to our Member’s Dashboard to sign up for this month’s events—you don’t want to miss out so make sure to add them to your calendar.

We’re so excited to be welcoming you into our new community space! Be sure to say hi and let us know how we can help.

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