Basic Course

An in-depth, on-demand digital project management course that fits your busy schedule.

This course is perfect for you if…

You’re looking for formal training with a flexible schedule.

You want to develop confidence in managing complex, digital projects.

You’re looking for boosting your management and leadership skills.

Learn the hard skills, soft skills and traits to lead projects effectively.

Skill #1: Project Initiation

Learn to start projects effectively with your team and clients to strategically align on vision, approach and results. Understand what’s required to write clear briefs to get good work done, and then monitor progress and quality.

Skill #2: Project Planning

Get comfortable plotting the right course for your projects that that meets strategic objectives, within cost and timeline constraints. Learn what documentation you need to create, when for effective management of costs, timeline, scope, stakeholders and the contract.

Skill #3: Process Control

Learn to prioritize, bringing order to chaos to get your project on track and stay on top of all the moving parts. Then learn how to keep everything on track with effective cost, schedule, scope, stakeholder, and risk monitoring and management.

Skill #4: Process Management

Get a clear understanding of what happens, when – and what’s required to keep a project on track. Learn how to identify, evaluate, and mitigate against project snafus, and how to get back on track when things don’t go to plan.

An In-depth, On-demand Online Course

Get solid foundation on digital project management.

7 Video Lessons

Approx. 1 hour each.
Our course covers the full project management life cycle, covering all essentials that will help you become confident and lead digital projects better.

video lessons - digital project management online training course

Preview the course

Get a sneak peek at what you’ll learn.

We want you to feel 100% confident about taking the leap into our Mastering Digital Project Management course, which is why we’re providing a course preview of some of our most popular lessons.

Achieve digital project management mastery.

Achieve digital project management mastery.

Achieve digital project management mastery.

Course Outline

Walk away with these skills:

Lesson 1: Define your role, tools, and approach.

The intro video lesson covers the PM essentials—get a solid understanding of the project management lifecycle, methodologies, and tools. This video module includes:

  • What’s Project Management
  • The Project Management Lifecycle
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • How To Choose A Project Management Tool
  • The Project Manager’s Toolkit

Lesson 2: Initiate projects with effective kick-offs, discovery, and briefing.

Lesson 2 brings us to project initiation, with the video lessons covering aspects like getting setup on a project and leading a kickoff meeting with teams and clients. This video lesson covers these topics:

  • How Agencies Deliver Work – Project Process
  • How To Get Setup On A Project
  • How To Engage The Team
  • How To Kickoff Projects With Your Team
  • How To Kickoff Projects With Your Clients
  • How To Start Projects Right – Project Discovery
  • How to Get On Track For Success
  • How To Get Good Work Done

Lesson 3: Create realistic timelines and plans that truly guide your projects.

In Lesson 3, you’ll learn fundamental techniques for planning your projects, and we’ll take you through the specific steps for creating a project timeline with a detailed walk-through. This video lesson covers these topics:

  • Principles For Project Planning
  • How To Create A Project Plan
  • Project Plan Building Walkthrough
  • How To Build An Agile Project Plan

Week 4: Build accurate estimates and understand different pricing models.

During Lesson 4, we dive into the challenging topic of project estimates—you’ll learn different estimation techniques and pricing models, and we’ll walk you through the steps of creating a project estimate. This video lesson covers these topics:

  • Principles for Estimating Projects
  • Pricing Models
  • Estimation Techniques For Digital Projects
  • How To Build A Project Estimate
  • Project Estimate Walkthrough
  • How To Tackle Estimating Challenges

Lesson 5: Create a reliable, functional Statement of Work.

In Lesson 5, we provide a walk-through that shows you how to craft a Statement of Work. This video lesson includes:

  • Principles For Statements of Work
  • How To Create A Statement of Work
  • Statement of Work Walkthrough
  • How To Use A Statement of Work

Lesson 6: Deal confidently with real-world challenges.

In Lesson 6, we dive into the trickier aspects of project management—you’ll learn how to deal with projects when they don’t go as planned. We share communication and negotiation techniques for managing risk, conflict, and difficult conversations. This video lesson covers these topics:

  • How To Manage The Day To Day Of Projects
  • How To Manage Meetings
  • How To Track & Reporting Progress
  • How To Manage Risk
  • Why Projects Fail
  • How To Have Difficult Conversations
  • How To Negotiate
  • How To Get Projects Back On Track
  • How To Manage Quality
  • How To Go Live
  • How To Close Projects

Lesson 7: Strengthen your leadership skills to build high performing teams.

In the final video lesson, you’ll learn important soft skills that separate a good PM from a great one. We’ll cover topics like casting vision, building momentum in your teams, and being the most productive you can be. This video lesson covers these topics:

  • How To Cast Vision
  • How To Build A Great Team
  • How to Manage An Effective Team
  • How To Build Momentum
  • How To Be Effective & Productive
  • How To Keep Up With Everything
  • How To Be Better
  • How To Continue Your Learning

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Whether you’re newbie project manager, new to the world of digital project management, lacking confidence, or simply a marketer who wants to understand project management better, our digital project management training gives you all the project management skills you’ll need to confidently manage complex digital projects, teams and stakeholders.

01. Can I Claim PDU's?

For those interested in using this course for PDU’s, please note we’ve not yet completed our registration as a PMI R.E.P. so while you can claim 7 category-4 PDU’s for taking the course yourself, at this stage, you won’t be able to use the course to claim category-3 PDU’s.

02. Do I Get A Course Certificate?

No. The DPM School certification is available for those who take the Standard or Extended course only.

03. Can I Upgrade To Standard Or Extended Course Later?

Definitely! You can benefit from hands-on assignments, templates, samples, office hours, plus 14h of extra content. Contact us and we’ll set you up in one of our next classes. Your Basic course purchase will be taken as credit, so you’ll just need to pay for the difference.

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