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Master The Art Of Digital Project Management

Develop the instinct, judgment, and leadership skills needed to deliver complex projects that revolve around people, pixels, and code.

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We’ve certified 500+ professionals in virtually every industry.

What our recent grads are saying

I took the course at the beginning of my first ever PM job. It was a great way to have a deep-dive and put some of what I learned into practice from day one!

Aldona Kmiec
Digital Producer

The course gave me a solid understanding of what PMs do, the roadblocks they face, and how to overcome them. I'm thankful for all of the fires I've avoided in my own job!

Brandon Llewellyn
Account & Project Manager

I took the course for some formal training even though I had many years of experience. I highly recommend the DPM School regardless of where you are in your PM career.

Brian Phillips
Senior Digital Project Manager

Full course details

No sugar coating.

Our program is practical, hands-on, and unfiltered. We tell it like it is, and we don’t gloss over the realities of project management in a digital world.

Watch the video for the full details!

Get equipped for the future of digital

Become confident in your planning, learn to pivot when things go off track, and fill in your blind spots in the digital landscape.

Whimsical illustration of a project folder

Start projects right

Learn to set your project up for success with effective kickoffs, discovery, and briefing.

Whimsical illustration of a project timeline

Plan like a pro

Get confident creating and maintaining realistic timelines that truly guide your projects.

Whimsical image of a project document

Own your scope

Practice defining requirements, building accurate estimates and create a bulletproof Scope Statement.

Whimsical illustration of a project budget

Stay in control

Master the dark art of keeping projects on track, within scope and on budget.

Whimsical illustration of hands helping one another in a circle

Lead with purpose

Learn to cultivate high performing cross-functional teams and stay on top of all moving parts.

Whimsical illustration of a magnifying glass

Tackle risk head-on

Develop your ability to identify, mitigate and solve the most common problems in digital projects.

Learn the way you learn best

Our program accommodates different learning styles to make it fit within even the busiest schedules.

27+ multimodal lessons

Listen as you walk the dog. Watch at your desk. Read on the train. Learn how you learn best in any given context.

Learn on the go

Flexible schedule & pace

Start when you want to, finish when you can. Our flexible format helps you make the time to learn without straining other areas of your life.

Start today!

Skill-based badges

Get credit for the work you’re putting in along the way. Every learning arc can earn you a microcredential for your CV even before you complete the full course.

Showcase your skills

Group discussions

Amplify your takeaways by learning together. Access our Slack space to talk about assignments, ask questions, and put what you’re learning into context.

Gain insights from real PMs

Hands-on assignments

Each learning arc includes a hands-on assignment that challenges you to put what you just learned into practice in a real-world situation.

Get hands-on practice

Expert-curated templates

Streamline your project management process with templates created and curated by experienced digital project managers.

Get action-ready templates

Mastering Digital Project Management from The DPM School

Get Certified.

Boost your resume with a respected DPM School credential.

Showcase your technical competencies and leadership skills – validated by a hands-on, scenario-based exam.

Master the skills to deliver real impact through your digital projects


Become fluent in the most common digital project management methodologies including Waterfall, Scrum Agile, and Kanban — and which are the best fit for different projects.


Learn to architect your projects to deliver their strategic objectives within cost and time constraints. Get savvy in task scheduling, resource management, and various estimation techniques.


Learn to prioritize and bring order to chaos by staying on top of all the moving parts. Become the champion of efficiency and healthy productivity for your team and for yourself.


Learn what you need to communicate, what documentation you need to create, and when. Get proficient in managing stakeholder expectations, project costs, timeline, scope, and the contract.


Learn how to identify, evaluate, and mitigate against project snafus, and how to get back on track when things don’t go to plan. Build your tool kit for exploring solutions to complex challenges with your team.


Get comfortable cultivating high-performance teams, navigating ambiguity, and delivering results. Make a plan for how you’ll continue to grow as a leader who is known for driving outcomes.

Course curriculum

Our program takes you through an end-to-end digital project to build core project management skills using specific scenarios and real-world examples.

DPM School 2.0 LP Illustrations-Galen

Practical instruction from working experts

I’m Galen, your lead instructor and co-founder of The DPM School. For over 15 years, I’ve been leading complex human-centered digital transformation projects in government, healthcare, transit, and retail for boutique digital agencies and large consultancies.

Learn by absorbing, discussing, and practicing in a real-world context.

Get started with a hands-on, self-paced transformation to stand out as a respected digital project leader.

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