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Because I’m Worth It (with Tucker-Sauer Pivonka from Crema)

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Ben Aston:

Welcome to the DPM podcast, where we go beyond theory to give expert PM advice to leading better digital projects. Thanks for tuning in, I’m Ben Aston, founder of the Digital Project Manager.

Have you ever found yourself on a project where you, as the project manager, weren’t made to feel particularly welcome? Insofar as maybe you’ve been told, “Hey, we don’t need a PM on this project, thanks.” Or perhaps you’re listening to this podcast trying to decide whether or not you need a project manager on your project at all. Well, depending on who you ask, project management is either dying out completely or becoming more important than ever before. So, which is it? Well, I might be biased, but I’m going to go with the latter. And in this podcast, we’re going to talk about why it is that you can’t afford to be without project management, and how we as PMs can address some of the negativity around what we do and how we do it.

Today, I’m joined by Tucker Sauer-Pivonka. Tucker is a director of project management at Crema, working with fund-up, start-ups and and enterprise clients and they do lots of prototyping testing and building out of their mobile and web solutions. And he’s responsible actually for leading and supervising the production teams, the product managers and managing and helping them with their development.

He’s also a keen hiker and likes vacations too, so we’ll talk about that. Tucker, thanks so much for joining us.

Tucker S.:

Hi Ben, it’s great to be chatting with you today.

Ben Aston:

I’m curious to know, last time we chatted we talked about your new house which I guess isn’t so new anymore. But are you still working on your new house project?

Tucker S.:

We are. I don’t think we’ll ever be done with it. We’re quickly finding as soon as you’re done with one project, a new project comes up that you want to get done. But yeah, we’ve got a lot done so far but we’re looking forward to 2019 and the projects to come at home.

Ben Aston:

Well what’s in the … what are the goals for 2019 for your home and vacation, I’m curious?

Tucker S.:

Well, for vacations we always take an anniversary trip in March, around spring break time. My husband’s a teacher, so it’s about the only time you can take off during the school year. And so we’ll probably be going to Palm Springs for that. And then we have a few other trips that we have planned. One going to Mexico, and then just some domestic travel, maybe up to Oregon, Washington. And then maybe also heading up the East Coast at some point, but we’ve still got to figure a lot of that out. It’s only January 7th, I still have a little bit of time.

Ben Aston

Ben Aston

I’m Ben Aston, a digital project manager and founder of thedigitalprojectmanager.com. I've been in the industry for more than 15 years working in the UK at London’s top digital agencies including Dare, Wunderman, Lowe and DDB. I’ve delivered everything from film to CMS', games to advertising and eCRM to eCommerce sites. I’ve been fortunate enough to work across a wide range of great clients; automotive brands including Land Rover, Volkswagen and Honda; Utility brands including BT, British Gas and Exxon, FMCG brands such as Unilever, and consumer electronics brands including Sony.

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