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I know from experience that sometimes being a Digital Project Manager can feel like this:

And other times, like this:
Project Manager crying because their life feels like a disaster. Again.

You’re normal and you’re not alone

Well, guess what? It’s normal & you’re not alone.

As Digital Project Managers we are strong, caring and confident folks handling everyone else’s issues all day long. It seems that often times we’re the first to know of a co-workers divorce, their new gig, or mistake. Usually – we’re put in a position to solve everyone else’s issues but our own.

Well, guess what? I’m here to state that we have issues too and this is a safe space to air em’ out, seek advice and feel better.

Let’s be open about the ugly stuff for once

If we’re open, we might even make it better.

Digital Project Management is a craft – a specialized role with its own quirks and challenges. We’re expected to anticipate so many variables in an environment that encourages chasing unicorns, last-minute project resets and a general culture of chaos. It can be tough to succeed in a world like this when you feel like you’re updating timelines every other hour.

But you aren’t alone! I’ve been there. I’ve held my own in shouting matches between Creatives, Developers and Account Managers. I’ve had to call clients 3 times in a single day to break increasingly bad news. I’ve had to chase Creative Directors across time zones to get them to call into a meeting on time. This is a safe space to ask your questions anonymously. I’ve got your back.

Some example questions you could ask include:

  • Have you started a new job and realized you’ve made a huge mistake?
  • Do you work with a creative diva that drives you up the wall?
  • Do you get panic attacks from the ping of Slack notifications?’

Come and tell me about the ugly stuff (anonymously)

We promise we won’t tell if you won’t. Ask us your craziest, daftest, most awkward questions. We’ve got your back.

We’ve already started in on the fun with these three posts:

Take care,


Our friend and supporter:

Logo Of Hive - Site Takeover

Move faster with the #1 project management and team collaboration tool.

Robyn Birkedal

Robyn Birkedal

I’m Robyn, a Portland, OR based digital project manager. I’ve been in the industry for the past 10 years and have produced a wide swath of digital efforts including websites, product UX/UI, digital experiences, social, and even a national broadcast spot. I hate bitmojis and pickled herring. I love memes and charcuterie. Outside of that, I’m a mom and probably the world’s most lazy crossfitter.

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