My agency recently decided to restructure and take away the traditional titles. No longer are we “Sr.”, “Director”, etc. in all disciplines, we have no title differentiations in years of experience or level of work. I”m not sure how this makes me feel, I’ve been striving and goal setting my whole career only to now get pushed down in title. Do I stay and figure it out or leave?

Robyn says:

Man, agencies are so weird. Seem’s like they’re always in the middle of a re-org, a re-structure or a re-whatever.
You know the saying, age is but a number? Well, so is your title. We all know titles can be a big heaping pile of bullshit. That kid from college that was a Creative Director after only a year after graduation? Yah, that’s because he’s working for a 2 man design shop his buddy started. Not exactly the same as the legendary David Ogilvy.

Stay if you like two out of the three things: your boss, your clients, your co-workers.
Regardless, keep things fresh and up to date for new opportunities by demonstrating your experience. Titles are bullshit (see above). I feel like you know this deep down. So here’s what you do:

  1. Update that LinkedIn with some solid projects you worked on. Talk about them in detail, share measurable results and active links.
  2. Get a portfolio site. It will stroke your ego and they’re not just for designers anymore.
  3. Stay humble. It looks good on you.
  4. Check in with your trusted co-workers. What are they doing about it?

I have a feeling, that this agency decision is likely to evolve again in 3-6 months. Maybe then everyone will be CEO!? But, if in the end – if you can’t get over it – you’ll have to go somewhere where titles are everything. Dare I say, maybe a corporate job? Oh, or maybe go get your title back (or higher) at The Rock’s new agency?

Take care,


Robyn Birkedal

Robyn Birkedal

I’m Robyn, a Portland, OR based digital project manager. I’ve been in the industry for the past 10 years and have produced a wide swath of digital efforts including websites, product UX/UI, digital experiences, social, and even a national broadcast spot. I hate bitmojis and pickled herring. I love memes and charcuterie. Outside of that, I’m a mom and probably the world’s most lazy crossfitter.

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